The first signs of some diseases may occur on your foot, so you need to pay very close attention and give great care. Changes of your feet, nails or skin can be first sign of potentially diseases. Wound that can’t be ill or some lumps are not good sign

Here is one true story about woman who entire live was with growing lump on her foot. She didn’t know how dangerous it can be. In the end she ended up getting amputation.

Growing Lump in her Foot

Growing Lump in her Foot

She was 15 years old when she slipped off and noticed the lump. She though that it was torn ligament. She assumed it was not serious, and put up to growth. It kept to be bigger and bigger and to 2014 year it grow to big and turn to be so painful.

Then Cheryl decided to pay a visit to her doctor at Glasgow’s Western Infirmary. He made some testes and diagnosed her a virulent infection of the connective tissues. To stop the diseases of spreading, her right leg must be amputated, below the knee.

,, I wanted to kill myself when I get it what happened to me. Suddenly no foot, I’m in wheelchair, I can’t go any to get to the toilet, I was all day lying in bed. Those four walls were my prison recalls Cheryl.

The feet are prone to injuries, infections and many diseases, and every fifth patient who comes to an orthopedist review comes because symptoms of foot and ankle.

You can often think that the health of our feet isn’t of much importance, we should pay attention to their health, as they may be health, but also from an aesthetic ankle. Many diseases are manifested by changes in the feet.

Those changes can be in the form of: podiatry, heel pain, changing the way of walking, entered fingers, swollen feet, the curvature of the toe (hallux valgus), curved fingers.