The green tea is commonly considered to be good for your health. However, if this tea is taken in an excessive amount, it can cause some severe side effects. A 16-year-old girl from England was suffering from nausea, abdominal pain, and headaches.

She was initially diagnosed with urinary tract infection, and she was prescribed a home treatment and antibiotic therapy. Instead of improving, the girl’s condition worsened, so she went for another examination.

Green Tea

Green Tea

The Girl Was Diagnosed with Jaundice

When the doctors examined the girl, they discovered that she was suffering from jaundice and they started investigating the reasons for her health problems. The doctors found out that the girl had been drinking Chinese green tea for a few months in a row.

The tea’s dosage instructions were in Chinese, and she consumed 3 cups on a daily basis.The parents of the girl brought the tea for analysis, and, after making a further examination, the doctors came to a devastating finding.

When they analyzed the tea, they discovered that it contained an ingredient, called “Camellia sinensis”. This ingredient is an evergreen herb which is commonly responsible for causing hepatitis among the female population.

The green tea contains some harmful chemicals and pesticides, which are added to trigger weight loss. This tea has to be consumed in moderate amounts because it can cause some serious health problems, including a liver disease.