This diet is becoming very famous because with her you can burn your fats in just few days. You can lose 10 kg for only 5 days.

Rigorous diets can be hazardous to our health, which is why nutritionists give more rules and offer tips on how to keep the body healthy, slender and beautiful form without disclaimers.Don’t exhaust your body with various diets that promise miraculous effects for a short time, and just temporarily lose a few kilos.

Great Diet With Eggs and Grapefruit

Great Diet With Eggs and Grapefruit

It’s not worth to lose your health for it! If you count calories, keep in mind that the daily intake should be less than 1,500 calories. If the calorific value of the food consumed falls below this limit, you risk to slow down metabolism, and to restore quickly the pounds after finishing the diet.

Why choose this diet?

Grapefruit belongs to a group of foods that burn fat. In other words grapefruit has nutrients that break down fat and remove them from the body. Grapefruit also improves the exchange of substances and stimulates digestion.

Egg whites have a very particular protein. When you combine these two foods losing kg becomes more efficiency.


Eat 5 grapefruit a day combining with 5-9 egg whites. In the ideal case there should be 10 daily servings for ½ grapefruit and an egg white every hour. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and need to stay moderately active, such as walking 45 minutes every day.

As you can see this diet excludes 100% fat from sparks. It contains only proteins and simple sugars grapefruit, so the results are guaranteed.

My advice is to drink the morning cup of green tea without sugar and at night just before going to bed one more, to clean the body of toxins and take advantage of the benefits of green tea are not little, especially the powerful antioxidant effect of reducing weight.

I wish you success!