Do you feel that you are not getting enough sleep during the night? Is your lack of sleep affecting your everyday life? You are not the only one experiencing that.

As specified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sleeping problems are a very common health issue and numerous of people at some point of their life have it. The reasons for this condition can be various.

Sleeping Problems

Sleeping Problems

Some people develop sleeping problems due to their recent life events or their thinking style. Others get it as a result of their poor habits around the sleeping time or some physical issues such as the need to visit the toilet frequently.

Anyhow, people spend a lot of money to fix this problem. Most of them buy expensive medications and products, or better pillows and mattresses, but usually that is not the solution problem.

But how many of you, though of changing the environment in which you sleep in? One study conducted by NASA showed that there are a lot of calming and cleansing effects of plants in the environment.

Here are the top 5 plants we recommend to put in your bedroom and improve your sleeping quality.

  1. Lavender Plant

Many of you may have heard about the calming effect this beautiful plant has. It can help you reduce the stress and anxiety, slow down your heart rate and it can even reduce the crying in babies.

Despite the fact that lavender can be found in different products such as lavender essential oil, lavender candles or lavender air spray, you should use a natural plant to your bedside. That is the best way to feel all of the beneficial effects that it offers.

  1. Jasmine Plant

If you are moody upon waking up in the morning, this is the plant for you!  A recent NASA study showed that this plant improves sleep quality and decrease anxiety which will help you be more productive during the day.

It is easy to look after house plant and it looks gorgeous!

  1. Aloe Vera Plant

This amazing plant is used for many cosmetics and medical purposes. It is frequently used in a lot of products such as: lotions, soup, cleaning products, candles, air fresheners etc.

But, because of the emission of oxygen during the night, it is best to keep it alive in your bedroom.  Aloe Vera is easily reproduced and easily kept alive.

It will help you treat insomnia and will enhance the quality of your sleep. Furthermore, it has a more beneficial effect to your health, in particular by boosting your immune system, clearing your skin, helping digestion, reducing inflammation, etc.

So don’t hesitate, spread it around your house and experience its incredible effect!

  1. English Ivy Plant

This plant is mostly found on house walls, waste spaces and wild areas across its native habitat. It is ranked as the most powerful air-cleansing plant by NASA and reduces mold by up to 94 %.

That being said, it will help you with breathing problems, allergies and asthma and will improve your quality of sleep. It is easy to grow and it needs only moderate exposure to sunlight.

  1. Snake Plant

Our last recommendation is the snake plant. It is ranked by NASA as one of the best plants for improving air quality.

The most incredible feature about snake plant is that it converts CO2 to oxygen at night. It is great for respiratory issues, eye irritations and headaches as well as for boosting productivity.

Snake plant is a great addition to your room and is easy to grow.

Aside from that, all of these plants offer more health benefits like: reduction of stress, headache relief, prevention of cold and illness, improvement of brain function, better smell and air quality, etc. While adding indoor plants will improve your sleep, before adding them it is necessary to check if they are toxic to children and animals.

You should also inform yourself about watering and maintenance of plant. Plants require wiping the leaves at least once a week, so that they can use their leaves as filters.

And last, you should be careful about the amount of plants in your square foot home. The recommendation of NASA states that between 15 to 18 plants are good to have in a 1800 square foot home.

More or less of that can be contra productive and the plants will not be able to keep the air quality good.