Everybody is outraged regarding the recent findings of the FDA.  That noted that Target, GNC, Wallmart and Walgreens s took complete advantage of the lack of regulations in the field of herbal products.

So, they have been selling herbal public supplements who do not include the herbs named on its label, but some cheap filters instead.



Therefore, the New York State Attorney General’s office led an investigation at four of the national retailers — GNC, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart about store-brand supplements.

During the investigation, it was discovered that these national retail stores sell dietary supplements that do not contain the herbs specified on their labels. Furthermore, some of the supplements had potential allergens in their content that were not named in the ingredient list.

Following the investigation, these stores received a cease and desist letter in which it was requested from them to stop selling these products immediately.

The content of the letter, which was published by the New York Times stated “Contamination, substitution and falsely labeling herbal products constitute deceptive business practices and, more importantly, present considerable health risks for consumers.”

So, if you didn’t read the letter, here are the findings of the investigation of the specific products described in details below:

Products Found in Walmart, a Spring Valley Brand:

  • Product name: Echinacea

This product doesn’t contain Echinacea or any plant material.

  • Product name: Saw Palmetto

There were rice and garlic found in this product. Also, some samples had a small amount of saw palmetto

  • Product name: Ginseng

This product doesn’t contain ginseng. Rather, it contained pine, rice, dracaena, citrus and wheat/grass .

  • Product name: Gingko Biloba

This product doesn’t contain gingko Biloba. Rather, it contained rice, dracaena, mustard, wheat and radish.

  • Product name: St. John’s Wort

There was no St. John’s Wort found in this product. Additionally, rice, cassava and garlic were found.

  • Product name: Garlic

Only sample of this product showed small substances of garlic. Also in its content, this product combined wheat, rice, pine, palm, and dracaena.

Products by Walgreens, Finest Nutrition Brand

  • Product name:   Echinacea

There was no Echinacea identified with its content. Rather, it contained rice, daisy, and garlic.

  • Product name:  Saw Palmetto

It contained saw palmetto.

  • Product name:   Ginseng

There was no ginseng found and rice and garlic were detected

  • Product name:  Gingko Biloba

This product doesn’t contain gingko Biloba. An amount of rice was found in this product.

  • Product name:  St. John’s Wort

This product contained dracaena, garlic, and rice, but no St. John’s Wort.

  • Product name:   Garlic

This product doesn’t contain garlic. Instead, rice, wheat, palm and dracaena were found.

Products by GNC, Herbal Plus Brand:

  • Product name:   Echinacea

This product doesn’t contain Echinacea. Rice was found in some of the samples.

  • Product name:   Saw Palmetto

One of the samples contained the plain presence of palmetto. The other samples included a lot of components like asparagus, rice, and primrose.

  • Product name:   Ginseng

This product doesn’t contain ginseng. In its content, there was citrus, pine, rice, dracaena and wheat/grass.

  • Product name:   Gingko Biloba:

This product doesn’t contain gingko Biloba. Rice, asparagus, allium (garlic) and spruce were identified in this product.

  • Product name:   St. John’s Wort

This product doesn’t contain St. John’s Wort. Rice,allium (garlic), and dracaena (a tropical houseplant) were discovered in the content.

  • Product name:   Garlic

It contained garlic.

Products by Target, Up & Up Brand

  • Product name:   Echinacea

Most of the samples, but not all tested showed Echinacea presence. One test identified rice in the content.

  • Product name:   Saw Palmetto

Most of the tests detected saw palmetto. However, some test didn’t discover plant DNA.

  • Product name:   Valerian Root

This product didn’t contain valerian root. Other identified ingredients were: bean, rice, asparagus, pea family, wild carrot, allium, and saw palmetto.

  • Product name:   Gingko Biloba

This product doesn’t contain gingko Biloba. There was rice, garlic and mung/French bean found in its content.

  • Product name:   St. John’s Wort

This product doesn’t contain St. John’s Wort. Instead, it combined rice, garlic and dracaena (houseplant).

This product contained garlic. One test identified no DNA

That is the entire list you need to know. If you want to read more about this, check this link https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/02/03/gnc-target-wal-mart-walgreens-accused-of-selling-fake-herbals.

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