Have you ever had that one friend that, no matter how much you love them, there is always room for practical jokes and jokes on their expense that sometimes may go too far? Well, this is something that will absolutely blow your mind! How would you feel about a unique birthday card for the person you most want to annoy in your life?

We present the you the almighty You Are Getting Old card! Do you ever feel like all the time in the world is catching up to you? Or maybe, perhaps it has already caught up with you and is taking its tool on you! Ever seem like the years started going so fast that you could hardly keep up with them? Well, there is a valid reason for it all. You’re getting old!

Getting Old

Getting Old

This is an amazing page that will provide you with all sorts of amazing and interesting things, the thing is, it first needs to know your birth date. Then, the portal opens.

You can get all sorts of information on this site that are also amusing, entertaining, educational and astonishing! For an example, you can see how many times your heart has beaten, how many breaths you’ve taken (and  the numbers here are very big believe us), how many people were there on the planet on the day you were born.

Furthermore, you can find out a lot of amazing stuff that happened on your birthday or right around your birthday from all parts of the world. It is divided into sections – your early age, then teenage, then when you were in your twenties, thirties and so on.

This is a very inspiring and interesting way to get someone’s attention for a minute or two and wish them a happy birthday in the most thoughtful way. Probably that is the reason why this page got 1.4 million visitors only in the first week after the page being created.

For those who are a bit more emotional, the information containing on this page when you type your date of birth may be a bit too overwhelming for you, so be prepared, just in case. And if you are sending this as a birthday card to a friend, be sure that this is that one card that will be mentioned every following birthday, because it is nothing less than exceptional.