Most people do not get enough Vitamin B12, and that can lead to some serious issues. This is a vitamin that does a great deal to your body, for an example, it helps your DNA and your red blood cells.

So, because your body does not contain any Vitamin B12, you have to get it from supplements and animal based foods, and you have to get it on a regular basis. How much of this vitamin you need in a day depends on your age, your dieting plan, medical condition, and the medications you take.

Get Enough Vitamin B12

Get Enough Vitamin B12

The Vitamin B12 deficiency can happen if you are struggling with some conditions, such as:

  • atrophic gastritis, where the lining of your stomach is thinner
  • pernicious anemia, making it difficult for your body to absorb Vitamin B12
  • surgery that included removing a part of your stomach, such as the weight loss surgery
  • every condition that can affect the small intestine
  • heavy drinking
  • issues with the immune system
  • long term use of acid reducing drugs

Furthermore, you can be deficient in Vitamin B12 if you are a vegan because you are not consuming any animal products such as meat, eggs, milk and cheese, or a vegetarian because you still do not consume enough eggs or dairy products which should meet your Vitamin B12 standards.

If you are a vegan mother, consider consuming Vitamin B12 supplements in order to give them to your newborn because babies can be deficient from this vitamin too. Also, the deficiency of the Vitamin B12 can increase with age.

Some of the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency – this can lead to anemia, and a mild deficiency will not cause any serious issues.

But if left untreated, these symptoms may include:

  • weakness, lightheadedness, tiredness
  • pale skin
  • shortness of breath or heart struggles
  • a smooth tongue
  • gas, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea
  • nerve problems like numbness, tingling, issues while walking and weakness in the muscles
  • vision loss
  • mental problems such as memory loss, behavioral problems and depression

If you think you have a deficiency in this vitamin, make sure you consult your doctor and make a blood test to prove it. Also, infants who are born from vegan mothers may develop this issue, along with anemia, weakness, difficulty to thrive, and delays in the development.

When it comes to treating it, if you do not suffer from anemia or a problem with the absorption, you will need to replace the Vitamin B12 with an injection or high doses of oral replacement. And if the issue is about you not consuming animal products, then there are a lot of ways to implement the supplements of Vitamin B12 in your dieting plan.

For most of the people, a treatment usually works, but if there is some nerve damage done, then the deficiency could be permanent.Most of the people prevent the deficiency in this vitamin by consuming meat, eggs, dairy products and seafood.

If you do not consume any of these products, then the experts recommend that consuming a B12 multivitamin and consuming cereal which are fortified with Vitamin B12 are the way to go. And if you decide to use some Vitamin B12 supplements, make sure you let your doctor know so it does not interfere with any medications you may have to take.