According to a recent study of 40 healthy adults over the age of 50 who consumed fresh avocado on a daily basis for the period of 6 months, experienced an improved cognitive function and a 25% increase in their lutein levels in their eyes.This is why it is best for older people to consume avocado once in a day in order to improve their memory as well as their eye sight.

But now, what is actually the lutein? It is a pigment that is commonly found in veggies and fruits, it accumulates in the blood, brain and eyes and acts as an anti inflammatory and antioxidant agent.

Fruit to Boost Their Memory

Fruit to Boost Their Memory

A group of researchers from the US Tufts University monitored the gradual growth of the lutein in the eyes and the significant improvement in cognitive skills as measured by tests designed to evaluate the memory, levels of attention and speed of processing information. On the other hand, the group that was not consuming avocados on a daily basis didn’t show much improvements in their cognitive health during the period of the study.

The main researcher from the Tufts University claimed how this particular study suggested that the fiber, monosaturated fats, lutein and other bioactive ingredients make the avocado a perfect food that will provide you with benefits for not only improving the health of your eyes, but for improving the health of your brain too.

The lead researcher from this study further said that the results from this brand new research reveal that the levels of lutein in the eyes more than doubled with the subjects that consumed a fresh avocado, compared to those who were consuming only the avocado as a supplement.

These particular findings were made on the consumption of one whole fresh avocado each day. In terms of lutein, one avocado consists of 369 micrograms of lutein.

Even though some additional research is needed in order to determine whethere these results can be replicated with the consumption of the recognized serving size of avocado (which is one third of the avocado a day), the scientists are feeling very optimistic that this study has opened a lot of doors for the older people and will help them find a healthy way to maintain their optimal health for as long as possible.