According to the medical experts, the pharmaceutical industry, and the mainstream media, you should get vaccinated against the flu every year.

However, what they don’t mention is that the influenza vaccines come with many severe side effects since they are packed with toxic substances that can damage your immune system and the overall health of your body.

Flu Shot

Flu Shot

Here are 6 reasons why you should avoid getting a flu shot.

The Flu Shots Contain Harmful Ingredients

The flu vaccines contain various harmful ingredients, including mercury. This heavy metal can cause numerous side effects, such as digestive imbalances, respiratory problems, depression, oral health issues, ADD, memory loss, heart problems, and many other health issues.

The Flu Vaccines Weaken Your Immunological Responses

Numerous published medical journal articles claim that the injection of the influenza vaccines can cause poor immunological responses, which can lead to an occurrence of many infections. Weak immunological responses can encourage a development of the diseases that these vaccines were supposed to fight against in the first place.

They Make You More Prone to Pneumonia

If you have a weak immune system, the injection of strains of the flu virus in your body can increase your risk of many health conditions, like pneumonia and various other contagious diseases.

The Flu Shots Cause Neurological Disorders

A number of studies have proven that the dangerous ingredients contained in the flu shots can cause serious neurological disorders. The shots contain strains of live flu virus, detergents, formaldehyde, mercury, and many other harmful substances. In 1976, many people who received flu shots developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). This disorder is characterized by permanent nerve damage and paralysis.

The Flu Vaccines Cause Vascular Disorders

The flu shots can increase your risk of vascular inflammation, a condition which is associated with a heart disease and a heart attack. The symptoms of vascular inflammation include pain in the upper arms, shoulders, neck, and hips, jaw pain, headaches, muscle pain, and fever.

They Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

A study led by Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a world renowned immunogeneticist, concluded that the people who consistently get a flu shot have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Fudenberg stated that this disease is caused by the toxic combination of mercury and aluminum in the vaccines. Also, when the shots are received by elderly people, they can weaken their immune system and make them more susceptible to many severe illnesses.