You’re probably one of those people that have a big fear of the idea of putting yourself through the awful process of dieting, and it probably seems more of a punishment than a self improvement. So, instead of educating yourself on how the metabolism works and getting the tools to do it properly, most dieting comes down to food restrictions and calorie counting.

Starting from sugars, processed foods, red meats, dairy, granola, caloric beverages, that’s all gotta leave your life for good.Here is when one probably might think that abs are so not worth the trouble.

Flexible Diet

Flexible Diet

That you do not have the will power or strength to do this and transform your body. But, on the other hand, maybe all you need is a little chicken, some eggs, broccoli, and that’s it.

Well, what if we tell you that you can transform your body in only seven days, all the while breaking through the restrictions that most people connect with dieting? Well, it all can be done, and today we are going to show you how it can be done!

We are talking about the flexible diet. Well, what kind of a diet could this be if you do not have any food restrictions? Because there are questions of this type when it comes to this particular dieting plan, it is also often referred to as the anti diet.

There is much controversy about the items and that the term flexible diet means something different to different people. So, just like a superpower, it can be used for good as well as for bad.

But, in order to make things more clear for you, we have outlined a few points on flexible dieting. First, how much you eat is much more important than what you eat.

Second, forgive your dietary lapses, or keep calm and carry on. Third, tailor your daily meals to your lifestyle, goals, and food preferences. And finally, remember that the long term compliance is the key to having sustainable improvements.

What the flexible diet is is basically a way to give your body the basic nutritional needs and turn it into a regimen that you’ll enjoy in. Look at it as a lifestyle, not a diet, don’t deprive yourself from anything you want to eat, eat on your own schedule, and if you happen do overeat, don’t stress, just get back into your schedule.

This actually works! How much food you consume is definitely more important than what you consume. What all people are not aware of is that there are no foods that can be directly connected to weight gain or weight loss.

The sugar is not your enemy and the healthy fats cannot save you. The key to understanding this is to create a balance of nutrients and calories, along with the quantity of the food you eat.

Because remember, you can eat all the healthy foods there are, but if you eat too much of them, you’re just going to end up gaining weight. All you need to do is simply maintain a small calorie deficit, while eating everything that you crave for at the moment, and you’re all set.

This is why you have to eat whatever you like and whenever you like. What you also have to remember is to forgive your dietary lapses (when they occur) and simply move on.

When you’re on a highly restrictive diet, it leads to cravings, and cravings lead to cheating on your diet. This will ultimately lead to you quitting your diet.

But, when you eat the foods you want, being on a diet is something you can enjoy doing instead of dreading it. So what if you’ve had a few scoops of ice cream? Simply deficit the calorie intake for the rest of the day.

You need to be aware of the fact that you have to have a long term goal in order for this diet to work for you. If you are seeking a quick fix, then this is not the place for you.

Now, if you want to start this dietary plan, there are couple of other things that you need to make sure of. For an example, have a group of foods that will set the ground for your meals and which are filled with nutrients.

Try consuming more green veggies, avocado, bananas, potatoes, berries, mushrooms, whole grains, yogurt, eggs, beans, seeds, lentils, peas, all kinds of nuts, fish, lean beef, lamb, turkey and of course chicken.

Another example is to make a schedule of when you eat. Usually this does not matter that much, but because you have to combine this diet with a workout plan in order to lose weight, this is quite important.

You can eat as much meals in the day as you feel. And you can eat carbs any time you like.This brings us to the next point, on how to create your flexible dieting plan.

Believe us, it’s the easiest plan you have ever made. As you are already aware of, the key to losing weight is minimizing your calorie intake over a period of time. Find out how many calories in a day you have to consume, and then start from there.

Then, slowly bring the number of calorie down. The results will amaze you! If you are interested in knowing the full detailed plan, make sure you log online and look for it, it is quite easy to find!

Bottom line is, we understand if you are feeling a bit skeptical about this. But believe us, you can eat the food you want and have the body you want too.

And even though this is a big promise, over time you will realize that this diet keeps its word. There is a lot more to this, so do a little research yourself and try this out! You literally have nothing to lose, except your excess kilograms. Happy dieting!