Ladies, here you can find out your characteristics based on the month you’re born in.

Find Out your Characteristics

Find out your Characteristics

1. January

You ladies are extremely ambitious, but also serious and conservative. You are prone to be very critical, and yet don’t want to talk about your own feelings and emotions.

You let people approach you, but only those who have similar views on life as you do.

2. February

These women are very romantic, but they lack patience. Having a slighly abstract manner of thinking and their constant changes in the mood makes them a little difficult to understand.

Laso, if you ever hurt or betray them, that will be the last you see or hear from them.

3. March

Charismatic, charming, loyal, dedicated. Also they are extremely hard when it comes to the loving part, and can be very cute, up until the moment you really upset them.

But, besides that, living with a person born in March is an extreme pleasure.

4. April  

These women are born diplomates, and can communicate with everyone with ease. Sometimes they pity themselves, and are found to be very jealous.

If you stumble upon them while they are in this mood, keep away from them, for they will burst on top of you. On the other hand though, they have the ability to make a person the happiest one on the earth, and know when to trust people.

5. May

If you happen to fall in love with a person born in May, you are going to have troubles. They are attractive, but loyal to their own principles.

All of that combined with their difficult character and you have a moving bomb. Be careful around them, and know that these are the people you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

6. June

These are inquisitive and creative girls who do not think before they speak. Even though they are dangerous to play with in the game of love, they always want to hear the truth instead of being fooled with a lie.

7. July

These are persons who you’d like to be with, definitely. They are honest, polite, beautiful, intelligent and mysterious. If you lose their trust they will wipe you off their life forever.

8. August

Women born in August like to be the center of attenton, but nevertheless, they have a big heart, an excellent sense of humor, and do not like to be mocked. If you mock them, they can unleash hell on you. Usually in their presence men tend to lose their heads.

9. September

Even though these ladies are kind, beautiful and disciplined, if you ever betray them, they will seek revenge. They are always seeking for a long term relationship, and not a one night stand, but contrary to that, they have very high standards about what their partner should be like.

10. October

They have a strong character, and that is why no matter how emotional they get, they never show it in public. Very strong and smart, they think they should never open up to a person, and this is something other women envy them for.

11. November

They have the ability to easily recognize a lie, making them one step ahead of everyone else. If you are not ready to hear the truth from them, never ask them anything.


These intelligent women know how to come out of any situation as winners. They can always lift the mood and have an open heart. They tend to get hurt a lot, but luck is always on their side, so they do not suffer as much.