Apple cider vinegar is vinegar made from cider or apple. He can have a positive effect on your health. He is used to treat a lot of diseases, but in the cosmetic too.

Apple cider vinegar is excellent natural medicament for many ailments. The scientist attributed miraculous power to him and consider that he need to be a part of daily diet.

Feet in Apple Cider Vinegar

One optimal dose of this vinegar what need to be taken throw the whole day is two spoons of the vinegar in warm, previously boiled water.Apple cider vinegar is good for cervical disease, poor circulation and exchange of substances in the body.

It’s recommended in diseases of the heart and blood vessels and the kidney disease. Lowers blood pressure and is great for preserving lean line.

Similarly, apple vinegar relieves some rheumatic diseases and removes the feeling of constant fatigue complain about a growing number of people.After a long day, it seems that nothing is better than relaxing in a hot bath.

But equally well you relax if you put your feet in warm water to which you add apple cider vinegar.  We believe that the results will impress you.

The apple cider vinegar helps removing dead cells from your feet. He will refresh the skin, plus your feet will smell good. In the container in which you can comfortably maintain your feet Pour 2/3 hot water, and may cool if you want to chill out.

Then add 160 to 230 ml apple cider vinegar. Keep your feet about 30 minutes.The smell of vinegar disappears after removing the feet of the solution, but if you want you can rinse him with clean water.

Here are Ways That you Can Benefit From This Bath

  • Will relax the muscles of the feet
  • Reduces pain from sunburn
  • Destroys fungal infections in nails
  • Reduces unpleasant smell of feet
  • Softens cracked skin on heels