How would you like to be a witness of something extraordinary, that does not happen on daily basis, but will warm your heart up like nothing else in the world would? Well, today we will share something very warm and sweet with you.

This is a video of a little girl and her father who spent their time at the Copley Place Mall in Boston. It will warm up your heart for sure! One of the funniest moments was when the escalator caught the attention of the little sweet girl.

Believe us, that was the best moment ever! The absolute most interesting part of the video is that everyone who were on the escalator were playing along with the little girl.

It is definitely a fact that she will grow up to be an incredible, charming and wonderful person that will spread happiness and joy to everyone that will be around her. This is why her parents decided to share this heartwarming video with the entire world.

The video we are talking about is the one her father decided to post on his Facebook profile, with a comment saying that when they were at the Copley Place Mall in Boston, his daughter, upon spotting the escalator which was going down towards the Prudential Center, she immediately glued herself to it and started saying bye to every person that was on that escalator.

It was super cute and super funny! People waved at her and said bye to her too! They smiled at the little girl, because she managed to put that smile on their faces.

Feel free to check this video out, it is incredible! This young girl will be capable of anything with her uplifting spirits and her wonderful smile! We are hoping that when you see this video, she will make your day a bit better too!