Not easy job to do but before you lose hope there are some things that we all have to know before going on a diet and lose weight.

The reason of having a weight problem is global thing that happens all around the world. High calories food, less physical activity in our life makes an ideal conditions for increase fat on our body.

Going on a diet is not about a complete change of a way of eating something that we have never ate before. It’s about consume the food that you love but in a small amount.

It’s not important what you eat but what you don’t eat. A certain kind of food doesn’t reduce fat but its amount does it. This way of approaching a diet is good for our mind because there is no feeling of a suffering and sacrifice.

This is what you should do: lower your appetite don’t make yourself starving and make better your metabolic health.

Fast Weight Lose

Fast Weight Lose

Step 1

Avoid carbs and sugar-carbs are very important, their everyday use is about 55% of our source of energy. But if we want to keep an ideal weight we have to consume them careful in restrict amounts.

Step 2

Vegetables, fat and protein-this is a list of a food that contains everything that we need to eat healthy.

Protein (chicken, pork, beef, lamb, lobsters, trout, shrimps and others)

Fat (olive coconut avocado oil, butter tallow)

Vegetables (cabbage, celery spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, cucumber, broccoli and others)

Eat 5-6 small meals a day and combine this list of food in every meal. Don’t skip meals especially the breakfast. Avoid sodium drinks and juices with sugar.

Make a place in your menu for fresh fruit minerals vitamins and lots of water.

Step 3


Eating healthy and drinking water sometimes is just not enough. This can be very helpful before starting doing exercises, so……

It’s good to know: if you want to grow you muscles in the same time to burn your fat you have to eat protein s vegetables fruits.

Believe it or not consuming fats in recommended amounts helps in a process of losing weight. A lack of fats tells our body to keep them and then have a reverse process Vegetables and fruits contains minerals and vitamins that our body needs after a good work out.

How to Exercise?

Going to a gym is the place for you, if u are a beginner ask a trainer for an advice for the wright way of exercising. Because if you do it in a wrong way you can injure yourself.

If you are not in to a gym than running .jogging swimming is a better option. Don’t forget while doing this easier cardio workouts drink water.

Something else-from time to time you can treat yourself with some carbs, but only healthy ones like oats rice sweet potatoes etc. Be careful if this becomes your habit than all the effort will go down the hill.

Overall only you can help yourself to look and feel good most of all feel and look healthy. Don’t give up if you don’t see the results immediately. It takes time stamina and consistence so good luck.