It is said that in our whole life we fall in love only in three people, and that each of these people we need for various reasons.Often, the first love happens to us when we are young, mostly in secondary school.

It is that idealized love that reminds us of the fairy tales we read as a children.We are entering into it with the conviction that it will be our first and last, and it does not matter if we are 100% sure that it is the right one and if we may need to get some views and opinions from time to time.

Fall in Love

Fall in Love

Why? This type of love is far more important to us than others further in our life. Here is more important how people see us and how they perceive, than how we really feel

This love seems like a real…

The second is the difficult – one that teaches us lessons about who we are and how often we want and we need to be loved. This is the type of love hurts, regardless of lies, pain or manipulation.

We think, technically we are convinced that we are doing different choices than we did when we first were truly in love, but in reality, we need time to mature.

Our second love can be round often repeat because, for some reason, we are convinced that it will eventually end up with a different end than the previous. However, no matter how we try, somehow we end up again in the same place, and sometimes worse than we thought.

Sometimes this is unhealthy, unbalanced, and even narcissistic love. There may also be emotional, mental, or even physical abuse or manipulation. It seems like a drama that never ends.

Like a junkie who enjoys the changes in the emotional roller coaster with high and low extremes and of course the highest expectations.

With this type of love, trying to make something work is far more important than it should be.

It’s a love that we wanted to be the right one…

And then, the third comes, when we did not expect it at all, unannounced, which we are convinced is wrong because it destroys all our previous expectations and ideals. This type of love seems to us to be impossible. A type of love where connection can’t simply be explained, and it knocks on the door when we least expect it.

In this type of love we connect with the other person at an inexplicable level and simply everything fuses perfectly. We have accepted who we are and what we are.

This is the kind of love that goes back and again and knocks on our door no matter how long we need to open it.

Love that we feel is real.

Even when we are not ready for her, she ready for us!

And yes, there may be something special in our first love and something heartbreaking unique in our second love … but also there is something very unlikely in our third love.

The one we never see that is coming.

These one actually lasts.

That one that shows us why our before loves could not succeed.