People are all so used to the convenience the microwaves offer they overthrow one simple fact – they are not good for your health! When you use the microwave you can get a higher risk for cancer and some long term malnutrition effects.

What if we shared with you today the science, based on solid evidence, that it is time to throw out the microwaves once and for all? Would you ditch this opinion or ditch your appliance?

Fact About Microwaves

Fact About Microwaves

The sole fact that the modern mainstream medicine cannot fathom a single connection from the microwaves to the cancer food is simple – the orthodox medicine believes that the nutrition and the dieting plan has nothing to do with diseases. That is why it is only focused on genes and germs.

If you want this philosophy confirmed, just check out the hospital food.

But, most of the mainstream doctors will agree that the direct contact with the microwave and its radiation can cause some health problems. Unfortunately, they cannot make the connection between cancer and food we put in the oven.

Hans Hertel, a researcher from Switzerland, conducted his own study in which he showed that the consequences of the microwave food destroys all nutritional value of the food and creates carcinogens. In this study, he took people in their 20s and 30s.

They were subjected t consuming raw milk, pasteurized milk, frozen and fresh vegetables. The foods were consumed in three forms – raw, cooked normally and microwaved.

Their blood was tested before each meal. Damage of nutrients way beyond normal was presented upon consuming the microwaved food, proving the findings of earlier Russian researches. It was concluded that the technologically induced energy damage can be passed on to the humans with the microwaved food in addition to the microwave direct emissions.

The blood samples of all the people who consumed the microwaved food showed decreased lymphocytes and haemoglobin, as well as decreased cholesterol values, combined with increased luminescence. When all of this is added to the carcinogenic effects, you have a serving of cancer booster in your plate every day.

How does your microwave directly affect the molecules in your food?

The normal way of cooking the food is from the outside in. Even though there are some people who are against normal cooking, it does not do so much damage to the nutrients of the food.

But, do you know that the microwave radiation heats the food from inside to out? This is all done by a powerful electromagnetic radiation, by which the molecules are forced to reverse polarity up to 100 billion times in a second. This is a very destructive power, and there are no atoms on the planet that could withstand this.

This is how the microwave cooking is done – the molecules are forcefully altered, their structures are torn apart, and they become impaired in quality.

But there’s more to this!

Besides all the thermal modifications, the microwaves create a direct damage to the cell walls and genes. The life within the cells are destroyed, creating foods without any nutrients.

Also, there are a lot of strange compounds which are found in the process of microwave cooking. They are called radiolytic compounds.

Scientists argue that they can be found with regular cooking too, but far more compounds such as these are made with the microwave cooking.

Finally, Hertel concludes that the damaged microwave food modifies the cellular activity in the humans. The cells in the humans are forced to change because of the radiolytic compounds and they adapt into an emergency mode of energy production of glucose fermentation, which is a cancerous condition.

This is how the cancer cells survive and thrive. It does not make sense to eat food in a more convenient way in exchange for getting cancerous cells.

Unfortunately, the truth will not be known.

When the scientists published their findings, they were sued. An EU appliance trade persuaded the court in order to issue a gag order to their findings, with serious repercussions of violated. One of the scientists backed out, but Hertel stood his ground, and his appeal was honored by the court lifting the gag six years later, and by him being awarded with 40.000 Swiss francs.

Many scientists claim that there is no such thing as cellular damage from the microwaved foods we constantly use. But, it is more than obvious that their denial is typical to sold out scientists who have to hide the truth.