You are watching a movie with a company and one of your friends chew popcorn so loudly, which you think you’re going crazy. However, it does not bother anyone else in the room, so you’re wondering what’s wrong with you and whether you may be exaggerating.

If the sounds of loud chewing and skinning take you out of your skin, you’re maybe one of those 20% of people who have misophone, or increased sensitivity to certain sounds.Mysophonia or selective sensitivity syndrome is a condition in which certain sounds greatly affect human behavior, causing nervousness, irritation, nausea, and in extreme cases, and violence.

Drive you Mat

Drive you Mat

A condition called misophone is much more complex than simple “hatred for certain sounds”. The sound that causes the reaction varies from person to person, but those who suffer from such a syndrome may feel severe symptoms.

Because of this, you may be avoiding noisy restaurants and places and you can’t stand to be close to certain people while eating, but the latest research also shows the positive side of this disorder.Studies conducted by Northwestern University have found that people who are very sensitive to certain sounds think more creatively than those who do not have that disorder.

Part of the study relies on historical examples of geniuses who are known to have interfered with the sounds of the surroundings. Such a people were Charles Darwin and Anton Chekhov, and in particular Marcel Proust, who was constantly with earplugs and the room he that he worked was turned into a dumb room, completely coated with cork.

The rest of this study is based on experimental surveys of live participants who in limited time and different circumstances were supposed to fulfill tasks in the field of visual arts, creative writing, scientific discoveries, culinary arts and more.The results showed a lot of creative responses and achievements writes the British Telegraph.

But if you find yourself in the other category of people, that is, those who chew loudly, make a service to everyone and stop it.