Garlic, certainly belongs to the healthiest foods, and popular from ancient remedies. We can write a book for his healthy usages, and no house that does not at least one clove of garlic.

Find out a little more about this miraculous herb and you will discover a phenomenal recipe.Scientific research say garlic is effective against bacteria, fungi, parasites, reduces the amount of fat, prevent constriction of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), lowering blood pressure.

Throw Out Sprouted Garlic

Throw Out Sprouted Garlic

The use of garlic reduces cardiovascular disease by lowering high cholesterol, lowers LDL, the bad cholesterol, reduces the sticking of blood vessels and prevents blood clotting (thrombus phenomenon), reduces high blood pressure. Affect the reduction of other two markers of cardiovascular disease, homocysteine ​​and C-reactive protein. Garlic prevents colds.

We always throw away the old green garlic bulbs which sprout from the cloves. The sprouted garlic is more beneficial than the unsprouted one.

Here are benefits:

  • He boost the immune system

Sprouted garlic can strength immune system and also prevent you from cold and some infections.

  • Heart health

In sprouted garlic there is one substance called allicin, and she is the reasons behind the characteristic odor and taste. Allicin reacts with red blood cells and as the result of which form hydrogen sulfide. That is substance that reduces pressure on the walls of blood vessels.

This in turn enhances blood flow, and the pressure decreases. It also enables other authorities to be better supplied with oxygen, and the load on the heart is much lower.

  • Stroke prevention

Garlic is rich with phytochemicals which can inhibit the activity of blood clots and in this way prevents strokes.

  • Food poisoning

Sprouted garlic is very rich with anti- oxydants. They can fight viral and fungal infections and also help in case of food poisoning and diarrhea.

This garlic also contain diallyl sulfide which protects the body from food poisoning. It is a hundred times stronger than any antibiotics.

  • Cancer prevention

Phytochemicals that garlic contain can protect against development of malignant cells and obstructs the activity of carcinogens.

  • Prevent premature aging

Antioxidants in garlic prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

  • Sprouting garlic

You can create sprouting garlic at home. You just leave it open. Also put two toothpicks in a pod of unpeeled garlic.

Fill small and narrow glass cup with water and place the garlic pod on its rim with its narrow part a bit submerged in the water. Keep it on the window after 5 days and you will notice new garlic sprouts.