We are probably all aware of the fact that the dogs are one of the most loyal animals on the planet. We are especially fond of the ones we keep at home and are glad to call them our pets.

In most occasions, they would risk their own lives for us. They would do anything to ensure the safety of their owners, and they would do it without any boundaries or hidden agendas.

The dogs are those who provide us with the appreciation, loyalty and love. Everything they do for us is a selfless act and because of it, few animals can be compared to them.

The dogs are truly one of the best works of nature.And this is why, we are going to touch upon a subject today that few people have spoken about.

Majority of the American population honor soldiers at every single opportunity they have, true? But what about the military dogs? Have you ever considered them as unsung heroes?

We are fully aware that there are millions of women and men who have given their lives in order to protect us and our country, but did you also know that dogs gave up their lives for the same purpose as well?

Well, today we are going to share with you a story that is about a military dog who survived a heavy injury. Lakya is the most beautiful German shepherd that you have ever seen. It is a vital, temperamental, energetic dog. But it is also very injured.

She is one of the many dogs that put themselves in danger in order to protect their human friends in combat. She lost her leg when she jumped to save the life of a soldier.

This is why, afterwards, he took care of the dog, even after he got back home from combat. He took the dog in and continued to give her everything she needs.

He felt like he owed his life to her. Now Lakya lives in a very happy environment, with a roof over her head and a perfect family.After this story, all of us should stop and think about it.

It is a definite sign, one that we should have encountered with long ago. Bottom line is that we must appreciate the dogs around us, they always mean well.