You probably think that it is cute when dogs lick your face. Well, all of us do, because we know that this is their way of showing affection towards us.

But would you let your dog even near your face if you knew that it is not right to do so?



We are not trying to say that your precious puppy is trying to do you harm in any way. It is indeed showing affection towards you, but what if you knew that there were all these bacteria in their mouths, and on their tongues, that are transferred to you through their licking your face.

So, the following question arises – are the mouths of the dogs really cleaner than those of the people? Well, unfortunately we have to inform you that this is nothing more than a myth.

First, go with your instincts – smell their breath, does it seem nice to you? Then, take into consideration that we say hello by kissing on the cheek, they say hello by giving a peck of each others rear ends.

The gods can carry more bacteria in their mouth than you could ever imagine.

This is not just about what the dogs may or may not carry in their saliva. Do you have any idea in how many nasty corners have their mouths been so far?

They have also been hovering over the leftovers of other dogs, bringing with them varieties of bacteria, germs and viruses. Needless to say that those viruses are harmful and damaging to the human health.

An example of it is one woman from the UK, who got an infection from her dog. She had not realized she’d been infected until she started speaking on the phone, and noticed her speech is becoming slurry.

By the time the ambulance got to her, she could not move. The woman needed two weeks and plenty of antibiotics to recover.

The blood tests showed her that her infection was due to a bacteria which is commonly found in the mouths of your sweet little pets.

The worst part of all is, she is not the only one – other similar cases have been reported in the UK, approximately 13 of them.

Another infection that you might get from your pet is the ringworm. This is a common bacteria with animals, and it stands right around their nose and mouth, so the next time they’re smooching you, know that you have that bacteria on yourself.

The dogs carry this infection because it has no impact on them, but when a person get it, it is bad.

The last of these infections is the capnocytophaga canimorsus, and the worst one. When one man visited his doctor he was informed that he got this bacteria from his dog licking an open wound.

His feet were even in a worse shape. He had to get one of his foot amputated.

So, bottom line is, would you risk the same thing happening to you? Think twice before you let your dog smooch you again.