Our body burns fat while you sleep, it is much better for the body if you sleep minimum 8 hours. During sleeping the body recovers and develops muscles, but it is not doing anything about the fat.

Metabolism must continue to improve, the body must continue with digestion, even when we sleep. The liver performs every vital functions.

Detoxify your Body

Detoxify your Body

It serves to detoxify, regulate the metabolism, it cleans our blood to synthesize plasma proteins and to absorb vitamins. Because dirt that daily enter with processed foods, sugars, fats, alcohol, soft drinks and other unhealthy ingredients, our liver is under high load.

Detoxification is cleansing the body of all the toxins that have accumulated over time. You can improve the liver function with proper nutrition and provide uninterrupted biochemical processes.

However, the overall detoxification of the body after certain plans of nutrition and diet once or twice a year and improper diet are not yet generally recommended. Instead of having to submit several times a year on diets and diet plans that will cleanse your body of toxins, the daily detoxification is recommended as a much better choice.

8 grocery for liver purification and detoxification of the body

  1. Chamomile Tea

Healing properties of the chamomile are coming from its flowers which contains volatile oils, flavonoids, and other therapeutic substances. Scientific studies have confirmed that chamomile has antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergic and antiseptic properties.

Chamomile also increases the number of white blood cells in the blood, facilitates digestion, relieves flatulence and stomach normalize capital.

  1. Lemon water

It enhances the immune system. Vitamin C is excellent with fighting colds, while potassium stimulates the brain and nerves and helps in controlling the blood pressure.

Your PH value is balanced. It helps with reducing weight. The composition of lemon includes proteins and carbohydrates which helps reducing spasms caused by hunger.

It is also found that people who practice more alkaline diet, lose weight faster.

  1. Jujube fruit

After the appearance of flowers and mature shrubs, it grows into a fruit containing a seed the size of a coffee bean. With cold pressing of the seeds are getting pure oil.

It contains essential nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin B complex, iodine, chromium, zinc minerals. It also improves the liver and pancreas function.

  1. Lotus seed core tea

In Oriental medicine the seeds of lotus eating due to increasing energy and vitality and for digestive aid. Lotus seed, which contains 20% protein, it is also valuable.

The physical similarity of lotus root of the lung is the key to its medicinal properties.

  1. Rose tea

Tea from dried roses buds or leaves of rose, is used for centuries as a cure for abundant menstruation, fatigue, dizziness and headache. But in devious years it is proved more that this drink “cleans” the blood and it’s beneficial especially in the winter period when we consume more food rich in carbohydrates, fats and sugars.

  1. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is suitable for use at any time of day. Despite the pleasant taste of mint tea in the morning gives us power, for lunch helps to relieve pain and to deal with stomach cramps, and at night relaxes like no other masseur.

  1. Oat tea

This tea can be prepared from straw, from the seed and its best from the stalks. Every morning should boil fresh tea.

This tea is healthful for all internal diseases, especially for kidneys, urinary bladder, stomach, intestines, liver and uterus.

  1. Schizandra berry tea

Schizandra berry is fruit that strengthens and cleanses the body. It regulates the intestine function, speeds recovery after diseases and it may help with symptoms caused by rheumatic diseases.

They help in detoxifying the body to a greater extent, and are used as an aid for menstrual pains and for better fertility.


Drink more fluids to help the blood to cleanse itself of harmful substances. Start your day with a cup of hot water in which to squeeze half a lemon and keep it what you will drink 2-3 liters of fluid a day.

Exercise at least an hour a day to speed up blood circulation and expel toxins through sweating. Choose a workout that will accelerate the perspiration, but also to entertain you.