The liver is considered to be one of the most important organs in the body and it requires optimal nutrition in order to function normally.

There are certain foods that can cleanse the liver and help it detox itself in a natural way without you ever having to buy expensive detox pills or be on low calorie diet that can actually damage your liver even further.

Detox Your Liver

Detox Your Liver

But first, a couple of words about the liver. This organ is the primary filter in your entire body. It determines what can stay in your body and what should be thrown out.

This is why you have to maintain a healthy liver, because imagine what are you doing to it for an example, when you’re eating a cheeseburger.

When too much junk food is filtered, there are no nutrients to feed the liver, it starts to fail, and you feel tired and may even suffer some serious health problems.

And how can we know that the liver is in trouble? You will notice some serious changes on your skin, pimples on your forehead, red eyes, acne, bad hair, yellow skin, and sluggish energy.

Other than junk food, processed food, and artificial food filled with chemicals and sugar, too much alcohol can result in an unhealthy liver too.

This is why you have to turn to the healthy food choices, and here we have comprised a list of the seven foods that are most suitable for the detox of your liver.

  • Dandelion greens – this amazing green food will help your liver work at full speed. It is filled with nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C, D and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The dandelions are used for a long period of time in the Chinese culture for treating several issues – inflammation, kidney problems, liver disease and weight gain. They have a naturally bitter flavor, making them excellent for the liver because they make more bile production for optimal liver function. They are delicate in texture and can make a nice addition to your mixed salad. You can use it in a smoothie, make it as a substitute for spinach or kale. Just make sure when you buy it, that you buy an organic version of it.
  • Lemons – a high source of Vitamin C, useful for making the liver cleanse in a natural way. A powerful diuretic rich in potassium that can improve the kidney function as well as the liver function. A great source of antioxidants that keep the body in an optimal health, to reduce inflammation and throw out the toxins. Limes, lemons and grapefruits are all considered to be a cleansing food, because they make the toxic waste leave the body as soon as possible. Just add a little lemon in your every day meals, it does not matter if it is in a salad dressing or in a glass like a juice.
  • Garlic – it may make your breath stinky, but this food is fantastic for your liver, heart and overall fights off the bad bacteria, improves the entire immune system and boosts the flow of blood to and from the heart. It is high in Vitamin B, especially B6, and a good source of selenium. You can consume it fresh, cooked or dried, either way the nutrients are there. Just make sure you don’t eat a lot of it, for it might cause your stomach to be a little more sensitive.
  • Beets – you may not like them that much, but when roasted or caramelized they are amazing. You can even consume them raw, they have much more nutrients that way. They are beneficial for the liver because they throw out the toxins and boost the production of bile. They are also essential for proper digestion and properly processing nutrients. The cleansing is not just about how much comes out of you. It is about throwing out the wrong compounds and preserving the nutrients. They improve the blood flow and decrease the high blood pressure. They are high in vitamins A, C and minerals iron, potassium and magnesium. You can use them in salads, juices, smoothies, baked dishes, just first make sure that they are well washed.
  • Turmeric – this spice is rich in curcumin, a multiple cleansing antioxidant, and the best food you can use because you can add it in literally everything. It will provide you with plenty of health benefits, such as an improved blood flow, better gallbladder, lower blood sugar levels and much more. The turmeric has a little savory, and a little biter flavor. It is naturally found in the mustard. It goes well with a lot of foods, but it pairs best with kale, spinach and ginger.
  • Cranberries – these berries are great for the health because they clear out the toxins from the liver and act as an excellent detoxifies of the body. They filter out the excess water, and reduce the harmful bacteria in the liver, kidneys and the digestive system. They have excellent anti inflammatory properties too. The cranberries should be used as often as possible, but only the raw version. Avoid any sweetened cranberry products. They should be a part of your daily routine, so feel free to eat them raw, add them in a smoothie, salad, or even mix them with plain Greek yogurt. Either way, they are good to go.
  • Broccoli – one of the best vegetables you can consume, along with the Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and kale. Only these types of food have the ability to trigger the second phase of the detox, and that is where the most difficult and dangerous toxins are being sorted out of the body. The broccoli is also the greatest source of Vitamin K, which is amazing for your immune health and blood flow. When the liver starts filtering out the toxins, they have no other way to go but back in the body and into the blood. This is where the fiber in the broccoli kicks in. It sorts out the good from the bad in the liver and improves its health. Because it is important to eat a variety of healthy foods, however you may prepare it, whether it is cooked, lightly steamed or made into a juice in a blender, you should definitely consume the broccoli.

Just remember – your liver should be your best friend. It cannot do its job if you are pushing it too hard. Opt for natural foods, vegetables and fruits, with a high amount of protein and anti inflammatory properties, and in that way, take care of yourself!