Most of the toxins are secreting from our body through the liver. Detoxing our body and organism can be improved by adding supplements to our diet which will help the body to detox.

One of this supplements is the Carbo medicinalis also known as activated carbon. If you have stomach problems or diarrhea, coal pills will absorb the toxins.

Detox your Body

Detox your Body

Because of this you may have black stool or you may have constipation.

The activated carbon will absorb almost everything that you have been consumed but it doesn’t affect the digestion. The carbon connects with around 60% of the organic and inorganic compounds, medications and microorganisms, it is not harmful and it can be used by kids.

Scientist say that milk products can affect the activity of the charcoal. It is also ineffective though, for a number of poisonings including strong acids or alkali, cyanide, iron, lithium and others.

We can use the charcoal when we have large meals which will overload the digestive system.  It’s not recommended for long term usage.

Incorrect application results in pulmonary aspiration, which can sometimes be fatal.

Beside the medical usage of activated carbon it finds usage in water filtering, air and gas filtering, liquid treatment as well in the tobacco industry, air conditioners, cold processing etc.