If you were ever asking yourself how you can keep the color of your favorite shirt as the day you bought it, read this article.

We are all familiar with the black pepper. But we probably didn’t know all of his benefits.



Black pepper is used as spice all around the world. The largest producers of black pepper are Vietnam, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

Black pepper was also used in ancient times in Egypt and Greece. It was also used in early Roman Empire and traded over the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

One tablespoon (6 gr) of black pepper contains large amounts of Vitamin K, iron, essential nutrients, proteins, dietary fiber, manganese and iron.

Beside these benefits, today we will present you another benefit of the black pepper. As we say earlier, we will show you how to keep your clothes color by using black pepper during washing.

Combine the ordinary black pepper that you have at your kitchen with some detergent for clothes. Put this mixture in the detergent case of your washing machine and start the machine.

Black pepper will melt down the excess detergent from your clothes that are the major reason for the shaded color of your clothes. Be aware when you do this, wash your clothes with cold water.

Different color clothes can be washed together if you use black pepper. Try this trick and we promise you that you will forget about those expensive washing detergents that you use.

Only one tablespoon of black pepper will protect your clothes form losing their color.

Try this and you will be amazed by the result.

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