Using dental implants makes our lives much easier and they can also be very useful solution for filling up the gap after losing a tooth or even more than one.

But the latest news are saying that experts in the dental field made some amazing discoveries. There are also really incredible developments in the dental implants technology that goes far beyond the classic implants and denture.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

These discoveries will give us a chance to grown our own new and genuine teeth in oral cavity. Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University as lead investigator is presenting us what he found and how incredible it research is.

Dr. Mao built a scaffold for teeth which was containing these stem cells in the body.  With this Dr. Mao helped the regeneration of new teeth, only by using their DNA.

This modern technology probably promises a bright future for dental care.We all know that dental implants are useful, but they also can cause problems.

These implants are good replacement for lost teeth, but they can bring problems and complications. These are the most common complications:

  • The body may reject the dental implants
  • They cost a lot of money
  • If they cause an infection you will need to remove them
  • Lack of experience of the dentist may damage the gum
  • Dental implant and jawbone may not connect in a good way

This common problems suggest that you will loss lot of time and money and also you can experience pain and discouragement, if something goes wrong.

What will you say if we tell you that you can skip the painful and long process of extracting the teeth? This technology will give you the opportunity to grow your teeth in just 9 weeks.

The device has to be placed in the body and it needs to be accepted by it. Best thing is that this implant method uses good materials for replacing the missing tooth.

Saying it in simple way- replace your missing tooth with stem cells, form your own body. The tooth will merge with the surrounding tissue. This will result in fast recovery and the process of regeneration will be increased. There is always a bad thing.

The bad thing is that this procedure is not yet available worldwide. It is still in process of researching and it needs approval from the medical authorities.This technology provides less recovery time and the chances of being rejected are very small.

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