The hand sanitizers are quite the widely used product. People tend to use them on a daily basis, because they want to be protected from all the bacteria and the dirt. But, after reading this informaton we’re about to provide you with, you will probably think more than once next time you go out to buy a hand sanitizer for yourself.

As we have found out, during the entire process of destroying all the harmful bacteria and germs, the hand sanitizers destroy the good bacteria along with the bad. What you’re probably already aware of is that the good bacteria is crucial for balancing out the immune system, and of course, fighting off the bad bacteria.

Death in a Bottle

Death in a Bottle

But, unfortunately, when it happens that the good bacteria are all gone, the entire immunity system suffers and weakens, along with its ability to cope with any infection, inflammation, and other health issues.

Furthermore, all the hand sanitizers increase the amount of Bisphenol A, a chemical when in most of the cases has a negative effect on the endocrins system. The endocrine system is the one that produces all the hormones, controls the functions within the body, and keeps a good maintenance of all the organs and the tissues.

Some of the most recent studies have shown that the high levels of this compound (Bisphenol A), when found in the body, increase the risk of a heart disease, infertility, cancer and diabetes.

This is why we strongly suggest that you stop using this product and when you go to the store, make sure you stay as far as possible from the hand sanitizers section. If you want to find a better alternative for it, it is very simple – just opt for using water and regular soap instead of the hand sanitizer. It is cleaner, healthier and definitely more effective.