Namely, it may sound incredible, when it comes to malignant diseases, the human body is a lottery! There is simply no connection with how you live, how you eat or what you are doing – if you have no luck, the reality is cruel, but you will get cancer.

While for years scientists claimed that physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol, poor diet or genes are the main causes of tumors, recent studies deny these allegations. The new results show that those who received tumor simply had no luck!

Curing Cancer

Curing Cancer

Studies suggest that two-thirds of tumors caused by completely random and unexpected mutations of cells in their division, a phenomenon that is completely out of human control.US scientists announced that some types of cancer is simply impossible to stop, so it should work more on the early detection of the disease, it can be cured in the first stage.

Here we will present you how to make this juice and cure cancer. This juice has amazing health benefits and they are confirmed from 50 thousand people that are cured from cancer.

Rudolf Brois from Austria dedicated his whole life to find medicament that will cure cancer. He made special juice who will give a great result in healing this illness. According to Brois the cancer can be survived only with proteins.

Because of that he made special diet that will last 42 days and in that period you can drink only tea and special vegetable juice. In these 42 days cancer cells are hungry and they die and our organism is getting stronger.

To make this juice you will need: beet, celery, carrots, potatoes, radishes. You must blend this ingredient in the correct ratio and 55 % beet, 20%carrots, 20% celery, 3% potatoes, 2% radishes. After you blend it up you must drink it just twice a day. You must not have exceeded this dose.

You can notice that beet is the main ingredient in this juice. The beet is the most famous medicament for leukemia. These vegetable contain amino acid betaine and have anticancer properties.

Therapy with daily taking beet proved like a very good remedy for leukemia and other types of cancer. Regular consumption of beet helps with diseases caused by oxidative stress to. Fibers containing beet can reduce cholesterol by up to 40%. Pregnant women also must take a lot beet because is rich with folic acid.