The reflexology has been on the rise these past couple of decades. This is an ancient Chinese philosophy with which when pressing certain points on the body we relieve pain.

This is very beneficial when it comes to babies too, as they are more sensitive to touch than we are. If we start from the fact that we rub the back of the baby when it’s upset to soothe the situation, there is no wonder that reflexology works as well.

Cure your Baby’s Pain

Cure your Baby's Pain

The baby can cry for various reasons. Some of them might be that it cannot fall asleep, has a dirty diaper, feels hungry, has some sort of pain or illness, there is too much activity and noise around it or it suffers from colic, acid reflux or food allergies.

The reflexology can truly do wonders in these cases. All you need to do is simply press certain points on their feet to provide an instant relief from multiple health issues. Read on and find out how to apply pressure on your baby’s feet.

  • Upper and/or lower abdomen – any type of stomach discomfort or digestive issues, heartburn or obstruction in the bowel, just massage the arch of his feet. The lower half of the arch is connected to the lower abdominal area, and the massaging of this area will lead to relieving of constipation and bloating.
  • Chest – the part of the foot right above the arch is connected to the chest area. When you massage this part you alleviate discomfort from from colds, coughs, chest congestion and much more. It has been scientifically proven that the reflexology can treat all forms of  congestion.
  • Sinuses – the center of the foot is related to the sinuses, so when you apply pressure on that area, you alleviate sinus issues, runny nose and even respiratory problems.
  • Pelvis – the heel is connected to the pelvic area, massaging it reduces tightness of the muscles and problems with the posture. But be aware that this practice is used only to create a temporary relief and not to treat an actual health problem.
  • Head and teeth – the tips of the toes can relieve you from ear infections and teeth issues.
  • Solar plexus – the solar plexus is made out of the nerves between the lungs and stomach, making it more difficult to determine an ache in that area. But, if determined, massaging the upper area of the arch will make the pain go away with ease.