Have you ever heard of the black cumin oil? Well, if not, you have come to the right place, so keep on reading. Some studies have revealed that the black cumin seed, or the nigelia sativa, can stop the growth of cancer cells.

The extract of this seed which is named thymoquinone and it can cure cancer.This is literally an item that can cure colon, breast, cervix, liver, lymphoma, prostate, melanoma cancer and so on.

Cure HIV AIDS Diabetes Cancer Stroke and Arthritis

Cure HIV AIDS Diabetes Cancer Stroke and Arthritis

The studies were made on animals for now, so it won’t be long since they start doing the research on people too. These things can make this oil potent so large, that the pharma companies are still reluctant to fully explore this option.

So, in two separate studies made in two separate countries, Saudi Arabia and China in the year of 2011, it was said that this oil will treat cancer, asthma, kidney issues, diabetes and much more. It is still not clear what this does to the cancer, but the studies have continued on in order to find that out.

You can make a perfect mix with black cumin seed oil and honey

One Egyptian study has shown that when this oil is mixed with honey it can kill cancer, and this has been seen in lab rats who got very heavy dosages of carcinogens. This is a study that had four different groups of rats.

The first one, which was given the honey and black seed oil, and the other three groups which were given one of the two products. The risk of getting cancer with the first group was decreased by 100%, and the risk of cancer with the other groups was decreased by 80%.

Cumin seed oil will decrease the problem with radiation

In the year of 2014, experts from Turkey claimed that the cumin seed oil will help the people who were radiated and it will give them relief from cancer. There were some tests who were done on rats which were undergoing gama radiation, and they were divided into two groups.

The first group was given a gram of black seed oil one hour before radiation, and the second one had no radiation and just a saline mix. So, the seed oil decreased the oxidation caused from stress.

The antioxidants improved the health of the liver. Consuming the black seed oil for 10 days prior to radiation made the damage from the radiation significantly lesser.

Also, there was another study in India, in the year of 2012, that examined the effects of this oil before radiation. One group had tumors, and the second group was healthy.

Both of the groups had 100 mg of oil per kg before the radiation process, and it was proven that the antioxidants preserved the health of all the internal organs.

This particular oil will attack the liver cancer

In the year 2014, experts from Saudi Arabia said that the cumin oil will remove cancer as well as inflammation too. For those people who suffer from lung cancer, a dose of 0.01 mg from this oil will kill the cancer cells but not the healthy cells.

It will attack the brain cancer cells too!

In the year of 2013, experts from the Ohio University tested the effects of the compounds in the oil in the cases of an aggressive brain cancer. Studies have shown that the cancer was completely killed off and that all of the healthy cells were preserved.

But, this study has also shown that this seed oil will also block the autophagy in the cancer cells which said that the cancer cells grow with the energy on a cellular level.