One of the most common conditions in the world of today that people suffer from is the arthritis. It is a condition which causes inflammation, and a rather big pain in the joints.

Cure for Arthritis

In the United Kingdom only, there are ten million people who suffer from this exact same issue. Unfortunately, this is a condition that can affect people of any age, and even the children can be affected from it.

The two most common types of the arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Today, we are going to share with you a story of a woman who was called the weather. Her friends called her like that, and there is a reason why.

This is all because she was able to predict the weather, whether it was about to rain or not. She could predict other changes in the weather too, because of her swollen hands.

The name of this woman is Susie, and what she decided to do is stop consuming milk and dairy products overall, as well as products that contain animal protein.

Guess what happened to her! A couple of months later, the pain was completely gone from her hands, and thankfully she was not afraid to try something new, because she was aware she had nothing to lose, only to gain.

And Susie was right. After that, she repeatedly said that she felt like someone had given her an entire new body.

This is why she is giving advices now, and is strongly recommending to anyone who suffers from arthritis to consider doing the same thing as she did.

Simply eliminate all the animal based products from your dietary plan and see what happens. Dairy and meat should be off the table for you if you suffer from this condition.

What she claims is that the use of all the animal products every single day can lead to a dangerous level of acidity in the body, which will never result in anything good.

This is why you should trust her and change your diet, thus changing your entire life style for better!