If you knew there was a cure for diseases that will solve all of your problems, would you ever try it? Well, today we are going to enlighten you with a natural cure which was invented about five millenia ago by a Tibetan monk.

Cure for All Diseases

It is believe that this cure is really potent and is able to stop every health issue there is! And yet, despite its properties, it is highly recommended that it is used only once in an entire year.

You would have probably guessed it by now, but the main item from this recipe is the healthiest food in the world – the garlic. We are all familiar that the raw garlic is used everywhere around the world in millions of recipes.

But, what you probably did not know is that the tradition says the garlic was used in the medicine as a cure for a lot of conditions – starting from cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack, low pressure, bad blood flow and heart disease. Believe it or not, the garlic can even control the bad LDL cholesterol too.

It even has been confirmed that there is an active agent in the garlic, called allicin, which can act to the body as a better medication when it comes to hypertension, ACE inhibitors and so on. What the garlic will do for you is it will sooth your blood vessels and stop the hormone called angiotensin 2.

What you will need to prepare this recipe is 5 oz of garlic and 7 oz of 95% alcohol or rum. This dosage is enough to make a cure which will last for 12 days.

For the preparation, take the garlic, peel it off and mash it up nicely, then put it in a glass bottle, along with the alcohol and leave it to stay like that for 10 days. Then, strain it and store it in your fridge.

This is it, your ticket to a healthier life! Try making it today!