If you are one of those people who are constantly feeling like they’re under the weather, then this is something you definitely have to read. Today we will share with you a recipe that will strengthen your immunity like nothing else ever could.

A Russian doctor, named Sergei Bubnovskiy created a whole new method which will relieve you from all the symptoms of a flu or a cold.According to him, you must soak your feet in a bucket of ice cold water (preferably with ice cubes inside) about 15 seconds, and right after that you have to go to bed.

Cure a Cold Once

Cure a Cold Once

This will boost your immunity in a very short period of time. Even though it is quite the strange method, it is proven that it can activate the body and fight better against flu and colds.

Here is what you have to do – get a bucket and fill it with ice cold water. Then add some ice in it. Dip your feet inside and hold them in for about 15 seconds.

In order to improve your immune system really fast, try to do this every night. Also, this is especially good for fragile people that tend to get sick more often.

They should repeat this method every four hours within a day. In addition to this, a study conducted in Virginia University proved that the ice cold water gives strength to the norepinephrine – which is similar to the adrenaline.

Other than that, there are plenty of benefits that come with the ice cold water, and here they are. First of all, you can have a great skin again.

The hot water dries out the skin and the cold water makes it smoother and younger. Your skin will not only be tighter, but the blood circulation will be improved, the wrinkles will be less visible and the pores will become significantly smaller. Second, the cold water is able to close the cuticles on the hair, making your hair seem more shiny.

Third, the cold water is an excellent way to treat sore muscles. Simply soak them in and they will be soothed. And finally, the cold water has a great impact on the skin, so if you want to combat depression, take a cold bath.

Your mood will be altered and improved due to the adrenaline shock after the bath.