In this year’s Olympic Games, swimmer Michael Phelps brought some spotlight on cupping therapy.

Although it is considered as a traditional medicine treatment in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, today it is trending worldwide thanks to the use of celebrities and athletes.



 So What is Cupping

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine where a therapist puts a cup on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

Then the blood gets pulled to a region in order to heal it. Many people don’t know that cupping can help you with treatment of different diseases and have a great effect on your body.

Therefore, it is not reserved only for professional athletes. Regular people get it for many reasons like: help with blood flow, relaxation, and a as a deep-tissue massage.

Cupping can help you release toxins, clear and activate the arteries, veins, capillaries, stretch marks and activate the lymphatic system. Here are the five reasons why you need to start using this treatment.

Improve Mood and Relieve Anxiety

This is our favorite benefit. It proves that everybody can use it and it will bring easy positive changes to your daily life.

This therapy improves your blood circulation and boosts positive feelings. Cupping will help you improve sleeping, which will reduce tension and promote deep relaxation.

Elimination of Headaches

There are two famous researches conducted in respective medicine Journals that confirm that cupping can be efficient for treating headaches. 

In 2008 The American Journal of Chinese Medicine did a research with control groups of 70 people and all of them had a problem with headaches.

In the post evaluation process following the therapy, 66 % of the patients had reduced headaches.

The second important study was conducted in 2010 by the World Family Medicine Journal with patients suffering from chronic headaches. After the cupping therapy ended, their headaches were much less severe than before.

Flush Out Toxins

The cupping therapy will clear out the lymph and dead cells. The stagnation of blood will be better and it will rush into the treated area.

That will contribute efficiently to eliminate toxins. With the lymph cleanse the toxins will be naturally ejected from our bodies.

Anti-Aging Effect

Many believe that using cupping therapy has a great effect on our skin and body for reducing the signs of aging. With repeated massages your skin tone will get improved and your skin will become more elastic.

Facial cupping is considered an alternative to a surgical face lift and laser treatment.

Cupping will help reduce the puffiness of the face and lose the dark circles under eyes. It will diminish facial scars and minimize wrinkles.

Relieve Cough, Cold and Allergy Symptoms

Excessive amount of phlegm in the lungs can lead to coughing problems. Cupping is useful in helping your body clear out the lungs from phlegm and thus reduce cough.

It is also good for reducing allergy symptoms and cold. By moving the lymphatic fluid and blood through the body, cupping help speeding the metabolism.

Cupping can be used alongside with other treatments like acupuncture or medication for a number of diseases and conditions.

While it is considered as a pretty safe method for use, you should go to a trained health professional before start using.