The pickle lovers from all around the world can finally rejoice and dive deep into the yummy, sour and salty tasting cucumbers because as it turns out, they are better for the overall health than we thought they were! The pickles will not only do your body a whole lot of good, but all the fermented foods and drinks can do that!

So, next time you feel a craving for something salty and crispy, take a few pickles and improve your overall health and social life in the progress.You are probably wondering now how the pickles can improve your life, and the explanation can be found in a number of relatively new studies which have been published in recent years.

Consuming Pickles Every Day

Consuming Pickles Every Day

In one study, which has been completed by researchers at the McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, there were some solid evidence that the bacteria living in our digestive system is directly linked to our behavior and brain chemistry. That all means that the trillions of bacteria within the guts can really have a noticeable effect on the wellness and our overall mental health.

In addition to this, researchers at the College of William and Mary have found out that the young adults who have implemented a dieting plan filled with fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and other pickled veggies, kombucha, kefir and more, have experienced significantly lower levels of social anxiety than those who avoided the fermented foods. According to an assistant professor at the department of psychology who has co-authored the William and Mary study, Matthew Hilimire, the fermented food has an anxiolytic effect on subjects, meaning that it reduces anxiety.

The findings from these two studies can be easily connected because the fermented foods are a big source of probiotics, meaning they stimulate the growth of healthy and beneficial bacteria in the intestines. This means that the pickles and all the other major fermented foods can do wonders for balancing the gut bacteria found in our digestive systems.

In return, this will have a profound impact on the overall mood and the state of mind because we are all aware of how the gut health can be essential to the overall health, both physical and mental.The link between the gut and the brain boils down to a basic premise, that a healthy stomach and a healthy brain leads to stability in the mood less irritability, depression and anxiety.

By simply consuming more fermented foods you can positively boost your overall mental health and significantly improve your social life. You will be less likely to feel shy, embarrassed, self conscious, or even anxious around other people, and it can only result in a good thing.

The research into the benefits of the fermented food is ongoing and the scientists are hard at work to discover new alternative ways to help in the treatment of anxiety disorders, other than the provided medication for it. Perhaps, in the near future, we will take a pickle instead of a pill, and that would be so awesome!