Dates are definitely the best natural source of fiber, which is by far the most crucial compound for a proper and optimal function of the digestive system, especially the intestine. The raw and natural sugar in the dates is a great alternative for the sugar we are so much used to using.

The dates are a tasty food and easily digestible, and they can easily help you suppress your food cravings.If we take a closer look at the nutrients that this food provides we can, without any doubt, say that the compounds act as a multivitamin pill which can be found useful with both children and adults.

Consume Three Dates in a Day

Consume Three Dates in a Day

The dates can treat a lot of diseases such as for an example, anemia and many more. They can also be used if you want to balance out your cholesterol, healing cancer, and dealing with many other illnesses and diseases.

Some of the health benefits of consuming dates – if you decide to consume just three dates in a day it will replace your daily vitamin intake. This is why we have prepared for you a list of the many health benefits the dates will bring you.

  • A great source of iron – the people who are suffering from anemia should by far increase the intake of dates because the dates are an amazing source of iron. Within a hundred grams of dates, you can find 0.90 grams of iron, and that is 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron is a major part of the hemoglobin found in the red blood cells. It supports the balance of the oxygen in the blood. The teenagers as well as the pregnant women need big quantities of iron.
  • Good for the eye health – the dates are also filled with zeaxanthin and lutein so this is why this particular fruit is also known to be filled with eye vitamins. These two compounds play one very important role in the maintenance of the health of the retina and macula and prevent any potential damage of the macula. This particular part of the eye is compromised with the process of aging, so if you want to improve your vision, make sure you consume more dates.
  • End your diarrhea – the dates are known to be rich in calcium. This is a mineral which can be found very effective in the case of diarrhea. One other thing that is particularly good about situations like these is that the dates can speed up the gut flora regeneration. The regular intake of the dates can support the creation of the good bacteria in the intestines.
  • Stop the constipation – other than putting an end to the diarrhea, the dates will also support your body in the effort of digesting food in a faster manner and getting rid of toxins as well. If you want to experience these effects, just try putting a couple of dates right before bedtime in a tall glass of water. Leave them like that during the entire night. This is the period where they will release a juice known as great laxative which will aid your entire digestive process. In the US you can even find dates in small bottles as a medicine.
  • Dates will aid your delivery – one scientific experiment that took place at the University of Science and Technology in Jordan has proven that consuming dates one month before your delivery date will ease your pain and reduce the intensity of the bleeding. Women who have consumed dates did deliver much easier than those who did not consume them. In addition to this, the dates can help women in the post partum depression period and also aid them produce the amount of milk which is necessary for the baby.
  • Balance your weight – the dates, as we have already mentioned, are filled with nutrients, and because of this, they can allow us with a feeling of satiety and support the process of weight loss. If you start taking one date on an empty stomach in the morning, you will not only balance but control the work of the intestines and balance the levels of blood sugar as well. Th dates do not come with a lot of cholesterol, but, they are rich in sugars meaning that if you do not consume them moderately they can lead to gaining weight.
  • The dates can also be good for the heart as well – it is recommended for people who have issues with the heart to consume dates on a regular basis. Just put a few dates in a glass of water and set them like that during the entire night. Blend the water and the dates in the morning. Use this mixture several times in a day. And, in order to prevent a heart attack, add a glass of pomegranate juice and three dates in a day.
  • Reduce your hypertension and blood pressure – this fruit also contains very small dosages of sodium, which is packed with calcium. An average portion of five to six dates contains 80 mg of magnesium. This is a basic mineral which helps the spreading of the blood vessels. One scientific research has even shown that taking about 370 mg of magnesium in a day will stabilize your blood pressure.
  • Will provide you with protection against strokes – many nutritionists claim that the main reason why we should consume dates is the fact that this fruit will stabilize our nervous system with the amounts of potassium it contains. Large amounts of potassium can decrease the risk of a stroke for about 40%, scientists claim.
  • It is good for the brain – the dates are also rich in phosphorous, and this is a mineral which is excellent for the brain, making the dates excellent for people who have intellectual jobs.
  • Gives you a boost in energy – as we already mentioned above, these fruits are filled with natural sugars, and by combining them with milk, the dates will be an excellent starter for the day.
  • Boost your libido – take a couple of dates and put them in a glass with goat milk. Leave them like that for one night. Then, in the morning, add cardamom, honey, and drink up this mixture. This amazing and quite powerful combination is good for both men and women because it increases the libido in both.