Finally, the lead developer of the HPV vaccines comes clean to the public eye! Dr. Diane Harper is the lead expert who was responsible for the Phase two and Phase three effectiveness and safety studies which secured the use of the human papilloma virus (the HPV) vaccines, and their names are Gardasil TM and Cervarix TM.

This doctor is also the main author of the many published papers concerning those vaccines. She is now considered to be the latest in the long line of experts who are pressing a red alert button on the devastating consequences and irrelevancy of the vaccines, and the facts are stated just below.

Come Clean About the HPV Vaccines

Come Clean About the HPV Vaccines

This was originally an article that went about what Dr. Diane Harper said about MERCK and Gardasil. You can even listen to her because she has her own radio show called Vaccine Myth which you can easily find online, but before all of that, you have to see the comments on a Facebook page which are linked to the production and safety of these vaccines.

Here are a few updates which you absolutely have to know about –

  • Update No. 1 – Dr. Harper has been a victim of relentless campaign which attempt to discredit the validity of all of her claims ever since she came forward with the truth about the devastating consequences of the HPV vaccine. The newspaper The Sunday Express even managed to misquote her by printing a false story which was loaded with quotations which are attributed to Harper. So, when she made an interview with The Guardian, Dr. Harper specifically makes it clear about what she had said in order to protect herself from a potential lawsuit. So, this is why in an interview with the CBS NEWS, she clarifies the position she stands, and makes it more than crystal clear just how damaging the vaccine can be to the body.
  • Update No. 2 – it has been confirmed by the National Vaccine Information Center that two virologists Joan Wlochowski and Stephen Krahling have filed complaints and lawsuits against their former employer Merck. The lawsuit states that this particular company has been misleading the effectiveness of the vaccine for a period of over 10 years. The virologists, in their lawsuit, claim that in order to artificially inflate the effectiveness of the vaccine a lot of data was forged and improper testing was conducted by the Minsk. This lawsuit has been a real challenge because this particular vaccine has brought this company a profit for over 20 billion dollars within a year.

So, as the pharmaceutical giants in the world could continue to be less driven by moral accountability and driven more by profit every single day, we will see more and more products such as this vaccine which are labeled essential to the survival of a person.

If you are interested a little bit more about this subject and how the pharmaceutical companies are putting profit ahead of ethics then feel free to tune on and watch a documentary which is terrifying and called Hunting The Nightmare Bacteria. Find out the horrible truth.