Most people, just upon waking up, usually head straight to the kitchen and make themselves a hot cup of coffee, or drink up a cold glass of water. However, if you are planning to get the most benefits out of these two beverages in the morning, you should meet them both halfway, and drink a warm glass of water instead of these two.

Drinking some warm water in the morning will provide you with the most health benefits by far! This is definitely one of the best ways for you to start off your day in a proper way.

Cold or Warm Water – One Can do

Cold or Warm Water – One Can do

In addition, in order to convince you, we have comprised a small list of some of the main health benefits that you might enjoy in if you decide to do this every day:

  • It will relieve you from pain – by drinking a cup of warm water you will help in soothing your dry, swollen or irritated throat. The warm water is able to reduce the swelling within the throat and help you relieve the pain, temporarily. This can help you in those morning when you wake up and feel a dry throat, disabling you from swallowing any piece of food. You will also notice a reduction in the pain immediately after drinking the first sip of water. What the warm water does is it relaxes the muscles of the stomach and can soothe any cramps.
  • It will improve your bowel movement – drinking a glass of warm water in the morning has proven to be helpful in aiding the digestion in any time of the day. According to a study that has been published in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, one group of patients who were suffering from achalasia (this is a condition where the muscles in the lower part of the esophagus cannot relax, thus preventing any food from passing through to the stomach) drank a cup of warm water to see how it would react concerning their issue. So, according to the study, 58% of the patients have showed a significant improvement in their condition right after drinking the cup of warm water. This means that consuming the warm water in the morning before eating will definitely help you activate the colon in order to move your bowel more easily. This will also prepare your body for the best food absorption throughout the entire day.
  • It will improve your blood circulation – consuming warm water in the morning will also help you enhance the flow of blood in the body’s circulatory system. So, according to this study, when the human body is being exposed to warm temperatures, the flow of blood cells increases dramatically when it is first introduced. Then, it declines back to a normal rate of blood flow and then slowly begins to increase again when it is exposed to heat. Drinking some warm water will help you improve your blood circulation by simply warming up your body not from the outside, but from the inside.
  • It will boost your weight loss process – in general, drinking water will aid in your entire process of losing weight, but, combined with all of the other health benefits from drinking the warm water, we have concluded that this is the best way to consume this liquid which will act as a fat burner for you. So, according to a study published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine conducted on a group of overweight females which were instructed to drink big amounts of warm water just to study the effects the water has on the weight loss process, it all works! After a period of eight weeks, what the researchers found out is that the participants have experienced a noticeable decrease in their weight, body mass index, and their overall appetite.

But on the other hand, why is drinking a cold glass of water so bad for you?

Let’s all face it, there is not a more heavenly feeling than drinking an ice cold glass of water in a hot summer day, right? It literally helps your body cool down in just a mere couple of seconds, but we are certain that you never would have guessed what the cold water actually does to your body, as opposed to the warm water that you should be drinking.

First of all, when you consume cold water, your body needs to spend more energy in order to wamr it up so that it can be used later. Second, the cold water can constrict your blood vessels, and by this it will reduce the hydration and the absorbability.

Third, drinking cold water will solidify all the fats in the food, which will cause your body to work a lot harder to dissolve and digest the food you’ve been consuming. And finally, the cold water is able to create excess mucus in the respiratory system.

This means that when your lungs get congested, you will be more succeptible to different inffections, and will also have an increased risk of a throat infection.