Coconut oil is used in food, in cosmetics, to improve health, as in many other everyday applications. For those girls and women who have normal or firm hair, applying coconut oil is an excellent solution for moistening the skin and to prevent the occurrence of burst peaks.

Put Coconut Oil on your Hair and Make it Beautiful!

Coconut oil can be also used as an intensive conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Apply the oil on top of the hair to the ends, then rinse as usual.

The main component of coconut oil is lauric acid, which has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties and can protects us from many diseases.

Coconut oil is recommended for damaged hair blossoming tops. There’s a good reason why coconut oil is present in the hair conditioners and hair masks.

According to a recent survey using coconut oil in the process of structuring the hair, is one of the easiest and fastest way compared to other mineral oils.

It’s simple, coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils that can be used in food, cosmetics safest product on the market, and essential part of everyone’s locker with drugs.

If you start using it, coconut oil will become an indispensable part of your body care. Organic coconut oil can be found in health food stores and can be used for many purposes, including for hair care.

Coconut oil can prevent hair loss

Coconut oil is full with healthy fats that can fight with hair shaft and scalp, that prevent hair loss. Coconut oil can fight with skin infection and reduce inflammation to.

You just need to make hair mask by mixing 2 tbs. of sage oil and 3 tbs. of coconut oil. Cook it until you get a homogeneous structure. Let it cool and add it on your hair before bed time, cover it with shower cap and wash it in the morning.

It can repair hair damage

Use it on split edges on your hair to repair it. Coconut oil can reduce protein loss and strength the shaft.

Can make your hair smooth

Excessive dryness of the cuticles and hair shaft can cause frizzy hair. Coconut oil can retain moisture within the hair shaft.

Apply coconut oil 15 minutes before washing your hair and she will be very silky and smooth. Also you can use it after washing to prevent flyways.

Can fight dandruff

Except that dandruff can be really “boring”, because of him sometimes you can feel and shame to. Dandruff is not a disease but a cosmetic problem that can be solved by natural means.

If various medical preparations don’t help you, natural remedies may be the real salvation

Coconut oil can eliminate fungal infections, and because of this ability it can treat dandruff. Mix coconut oil and castor oil in equal parts and massage into your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Use this every time when you wash your hair.

Kill lice

Hair lice are a very common problem that concerns children in preschool and school age. Easily dispersed, especially tedious and real nightmare for any parent, but they are not dangerous and do not spread disease. Today there are many simple and effective way to destroy lice on the head.

Coconut oil can hydrate skin instead irritating it and often can be used in fight with lice in small children. It can slowly suffocates them and prevent them and their eggs form hanging into hair shafts.

Apply it on the hair and leave it for several hours and allow more and more oil to get absorbed into hair skin.

Gray hair

Pigment cells are responsible for the color on your hair. As we become older and pigment cells dies and become less efficient.

Coconut oil protects the base on hair follicles and to prevent gray hair. Massage your hair with coconut oil and lemon every day for at least 15 minutes.

Bottom line

If your hair shampoo didn’t contain coconut oil you must add yourself to enjoy in his benefits. It’s really important beauty product.