We all know that too much sugar in all forms can lead to a lot of health problems and produce additional harmful consequences. Yet, you have probably craved for sweets countless times and could not resist their unique taste.

As long as it doesn’t happen quite frequently, that is completely normal and you should not be worried about it. However, there are people who face this need each day, all the time and they seem to have a chronic sweet tooth.

Clean Your Body

Clean Your Body

The two main reasons that cause this dependence are your stress levels and parasites in your body.  While you may think that by eating all that sugary stuff you will get rid of your craving, that is not what really happens.

Every time you eat a sugary stuff, you are developing conditions that accumulate excess mucus in your body. By doing that, the excess mucus then produces a perfect base for reproduction and duplication of fungus and bacteria.

That means that when you have parasites living in your intestines advancing off the excess mucus, it destroys your energy.When that happens, you crave for anything sweet.

Additionally, these parasites love to live in fat deposits so the more parasites you have, the more fat is deposed in your body. Therefore, when you get rid of the parasites, you will feel more energized and animated!

So, if you are determined to get rid of those parasites, prepare this easy recipe with only 2 ingredients- linseed and dried cloves!

What do you need?

  • 100 grams of linseed
  • 10 grams of dried cloves

How to prepare it?

You should grind these two ingredients in a grinder until you get a powder form.

How to use it?

There are many ways that you can add this mix to your daily eating habits. You can add this mixture to your morning meal or just drink it when you wake up with heated filtered water.

Take 2 tablespoons every morning for 3 days. After 3 days, take a break for the following 3 days before you start it all again.

It is suggested that you do this for a month.Furthermore, if you want to keep parasites away from your body, you should repeat this cleansing method several times a year.

Good luck!