Huge mistake is when we don’t pay much attention to emotional factor when it comes to physical pain. They can be very important factor.

This claim is rejected by modern medicine, but the latest research shows that our emotions really can affect our physical health. Here is how the physical pain is associated with emotions that we face daily.

Chronic Pains in the Body

Chronic Pains in the Body

  • Pain in the gums

With this pain is related insecurity and absence of engagement. Make sure to analyze good your decision that you not taken because you were so afraid.

  • Pain in the shoulders

If you feel this pain then you have a lot of emotional load. Try to be rational sometimes.

  • Stomachache

You are in some certain situation that is difficult to accept.

  • Pain in the top of the back

You feel so alone in your sentimental life. Go on date, meet some partners!

  • Pain in the sacrum and tailbone

You probably are in situations that provoke tension, stress and anxiety.

  • Pain in the elbows

This means that you are not often open to compromise and you are stubborn. Learn to be more open.

  • Headache

It is a sign that you are too exposed to stress. You are intellectual and you’re thinking.

  • Muscular pain

This shows how much capacity we have to influence to situations of your daily life.

  • Pain in the neck

It shows that may need to forgive someone – and that person can be you. In itself unconsciously hold stress that is associated with a job, your home life commitments or other difficulties who unwittingly carry it on your back.

  • Pain in the arms

You need to reach over to others to fill your emotional needs. Slightly reduce  the continuing need to finish everything in a second.

  • Pain in the hands

You wish something very much but you can’t reach it.

  • Pain in the hips

This may have been a message from your body that you need to continue to bring important decision not to stand in place.

  • Muscular pain and pain during movement

Being afraid of new adventures and challenges may lead you to this muscular pain.

  • Pain that cause fatique

You are probably bored most of the time and tired to. Try to sleep more.

  • Pain in the feet

You need landing and more joy in life. Consider the option to get to know more people, going to a concert and a break from the computer. The world is waiting for you.

  • Pain in the knees

This shows that your ego prevails.

  • Pain in the teeth

You are not comfortable in certain situations and we can’t cope.

  • Pain in the ankles

You’re too modest. Allow yourself more of pleasures and not run away from love.