If you happen to care at all about maintaining a good health, you are certainly aware that you have to keep your triglycerides and cholesterol at an optimal level.

Good Cholesterol Level

Even though your lifestyle and genetic predisposition play an important role in this particular case, one of the most important part is the diet, and you have to know which foods to eat in order to maintain your health.

The cholesterol in our bodies is present at all times. It is much needed in the body in order to manufacture bile acids, vitamin D, hormones, and other substances.

This is why, many of the foods we consume may pose as a potential threat, because they are so high in cholesterol they may interfere with the cholesterol levels in the body.

We are all genetically predisposed to take upon a certain disease at some point in our lives, but the cholesterol is the one thing that develops in early age, or to be more precise, in the 20s.

This is why a good dieting plan is what everyone needs in order to keep that issue settled. Even though the market is filled with remedies which state they can get rid of this problem, constant consumption may lead to liver or kidney damage.

Then, there are the products, such as yogurts who companies claim can help you with this same issue, but let’s face it, if you have a cholesterol issue, no yogurt can really help you.

This is why we urge you to turn to a natural remedy. It is a recipe that became known thanks to a professor of medicine who showed it to his students.

The results of the test were from a clear imbalance, and were so bad that one of the students thought the results were from a deceased person.

Then, the professor showed then another set of results, this time a normal and a healthy range of cholesterol levels in the body.

Then, what he told the students is that both the test results were from him. The first test was one month old, and the second was brand new.

So what did he use in order to clear out his cholesterol levels? Here is the recipe – 100 grams of organic pumpkin, which is at the right point of ripeness, mixed in a blender along with 200 ml of water.

Blend it all in and drink this 20 minutes before you have your usual breakfast. Do this for one month without skipping a day and enjoy the marvelous results!