Ancient Chinese medicine has created a Chinese biological, or body clock, which can help you find out the condition of your body and if your body does not work as it should.Chinese biological clock has certain intervals in which the energy circulates in our bodies, so many doctors argue that this is the simplest way to tell if something is wrong with the body.

Depending on the time of day you have pain and disorders in the body, you will discover which part or organ do not function properly. It is not bad to write down during the day when you feel most fatigue, aches and pains, and then check.

Chinese Clock Will Discover

Chinese Clock Will Discover

In fact, China’s biological clock shows the intervals in which the energy circulating through the body, and the maximum energy of a particular place every two hours. If that part of the body you have problems in that time era you will  feel symptoms.

In total there are 12 meridians each of which belongs to a higher authority, such as lung, colon, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, the area around the heart, kidney, duodenum, gall bladder and liver.Meridians operate 24 hours and are divided into 12 two-hour intervals.

Therefore, doctors in China ask their patients in that time of day they felt symptoms. Based on these data, the doctor may not know what causes health problems.

Follow your biological clock and note the time when you feel symptoms. Also consider the time when you have the most energy and whether and what time you wake up at night, because this can also points to a problem in a certain part of the body.

Throughout your maximum activity, certain organs work “under full steam.” If you experience pain in the area of an organ at a time when he should work a maximum (for example, pain in the liver at 2 am), it shows that you may have permanent problems with that organ.

Time of maximum activity of the authorities:

  • 1-3 hrs – liver
  • 3-5 pm – lungs
  • 5-7 hrs – colon
  • 7-9 pm – stomach
  • 9-11 pm – spleen, pancreas
  • 11-13 pm – heart
  • 13-15 am – small intestine
  • 15-17 am – bladder
  • 17-19 am – kidneys
  • 19-21 am – the area around the heart
  • 21-23 am – duodenum
  • 23-1 pm – yolk

During minimal activity or resting the body:

  • 1-3 hrs – small intestine
  • 3-5 pm – bladder
  • 5-7 hrs – kidney
  • 7-9 pm – the area around the heart
  • 9-11 pm – intestinal
  • 11-13 am – yolk
  • 13-15 h – liver
  • 15-17 am – lungs
  • 17-19 am – colon
  • 19-21 am – stomach
  • 21-23 am – spleen, pancreas
  • 23-1 pm – heart

Chinese clock gives advice what to do and how to react in a certain time of the day:

  1. Between 11 and 13 hours is best to eat and socialize. Enjoy conversation with people, connect with them, cooperate and offer their help. The lunch shall be a balanced and not too heavy.
  2. Between 13 and 15 pm most efficiently solve problems and organize.
  3. The period between 15 and 17 pm is the best time to learn, efficient operation and drinking fluids. The most important thing is to drink more water because detoxification.
  4. Dinner between 17 and 19 pm, and restore your energy. This is the time of day when your kidneys are working maximum.
  5. The period from 19 to 21 hours is the time of maximum activity of the pericardium, the lining around the heart that controls the blood circulation, brain and reproductive organs. So this is the best time for socializing, flirting, sex, even of getting pregnant.
  6. Between 21 and 23 pm Rest, relax and read. Avoid eating in these classes.
  7. Between 23 and 1 pm is best to go to sleep. If you have gallstones, during this period you may experience pain.
  8. Between 1 and 3 pm liver works maximum, so if you wake up at this time means that he is overburdened with cleansing the body. Therefore, avoid unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol and other harmful things.
  9. Between 3 and 5 pm have to sleep deeply. If you cough during this period means that lung reject toxins.
  10. The period between 5 and 7 am is the best time to wake up. Drink water so that the colon, which is most active at this time, it could work well. You can go for a short walk, and in this part of the day, avoid caffeine.
  11. Eat breakfast between 7 and 9 o’clock. Best choice fruit, protein, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, healthy fats and vitamins.
  12. Between 9 and 11 o’clock get active and work. This is the time of maximum activity of the spleen, which is associated with mental strength, boosts metabolism and converts nutrients into energy.