While growing children need to devote a lot of attention and care. The variety of nutrients and minerals is very important as well balanced diet.

Try to insert as many groceries. In a child’s diet is very important to bring enough calcium (nuts), vitamin C (citrus fruits), and intake of vitamin D is best to go out in the sun, but to avoid the burning sun.

Children’s Snacks

Children’s Snacks

Nutrition plays an important role in brain development, in all stages of childhood. Brain fastest growing and developing in the first years of life, but continues to develop during adolescence.

But for sorry, everyday our kids watch commercials about unhealthy food, they are presented on TV, internet, magazines, markets. We know that all this product belong to junk food but we don’t know what they are exactly his ingredients and how they affect the health! Here are presented the top 5 used unhealthy snacks.

  1. Pop Tarts

They include ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, dextrose. All this ingredients can be linked with diabetes and sugar addiction in children.

They also include TBHQ what is petroleum based product and can cause cellular dysfunction. It can be linked with tumors, convulsion, paralysis, loss of vision.

  1. Fruit Snacks

You must avoid gummy section to! The food color is very often use, and they also are one from the group of petroleum products.

  1. M&M’s

We must agree that these are the most popular candies and children adore it. These contain a lot more than just a chocolate.

They include Blue 1, which can trigger the development of malignant tumors, Blue 2, which can increase hyperactivity and has been linked to brain tumors. Red 40 can damage DNA and Yellow 5 and 6 has been linked to cancer.

  1. Cheetos

The artificial coloring in this snack is derived from petroleum and cheese flavor include menthyl benzonate and methylphenitade.

  1. Teddy Grahams

They are linked with TBHQ, that can cause stomach cancer and can damage human lungs and umbicial cells. In children can cause anxiety, intensify the symptoms of ADHD.

Also you must be careful with the artificial coloring in this food.