The second leading cause of death in the United States is cancer. According to the National Institute of Health, more than a million and a half cases will be diagnosed and about half a million of them will die from cancer in the year 2015.

Most of the conventional cancer treatment methods involve a mix of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, but some people have started to question their efficiency – particularly when it comes to the chemotherapy. This is why we will provide you with the arguments of two amazing doctors that prove how the chemotherapy, in most of the cases, does more harm than it does good.

Chemotherapy Fails

Chemotherapy Fails

The first doctor, Peter Glidden described the relationship between the monetary profit and the cancer. As he claims, 97% of all the cancer patients do not have their cancer cured with chemotherapy.

The only reason why the chemotherapy is still being used is because of the profit the companies make out of it. He specifically pointed out that even though the doctors do not get direct kickback for prescribing most of the medications, all the chemo drugs are unique and the doctors make profit by buying them from the pharmaceutical companies and selling them to their patients.

Furthermore, this doctor claims that the chemotherapy is used only because doctors make profit out of it. The chemotherapeutic drugs are the only ones that when a doctor prescribes them, gets a cut of the money.

The chemotherapy does not work 97%of the time. If any car company sold cars that don’t work 97% of the time would they still be in business? Of course not.

An Australian study showed how the overall contribution of curative chemotherapy to the five year survival in adults is 2.3 in Australia and 2.1 in USA. The conclusion to this study is that the chemotherapy hardly even contributes to lowering the rates of cancer patients.

This is just one of the biggest issues in our so called healthcare that puts the well being of the patients first. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The medicine in the United States is a industry for profit. Most people are not aware of this, so this is why they bow down and trust the medicine of today.

The second doctor, Leonard Coldwell shares the same perspective as the first one. He describes it this way – if you happen to have a garden with grass and flowers and bushes and tress, along with some weeds, you attack it all and when you destroy your entire garden, instead of just destroying the weeds, you hope that only the good plants come back.

It is the same case with chemotherapy. It bombards the entire system and then it is said that the cancer is in remission. Within five years, with all the chemotherapy the cancer can be cured with only three, but the survival rate is very low, so this means you will be dead in five years.

Same thing goes for the radiation. No doctor ever goes for the root cause, they simply turn to surgery or a chemical intervention in order to suppress any symptoms.

Also, what needs to be pointed out is that the doctors have a high rate of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as suicide. Over time, the doctors realize that they have no tools to save their patients, and that they kill most of them, and that is very difficult to live with.

You go into the medical profession, the first and the second year go really well, you can be really excited and really get into it, giving it your best, until you realize that no matter what you do, your patient only gets worse, and there is nothing you can do about it.

These poor doctors realize that they cannot help. Bottom line is, the medical profession just seems to be a religion.