The wishful thinking will never change the fact that the cancer industry is just that – an industry. All the doctors, drug companies, hospitals, and every other key stakeholder profits heavily each time a new patient is diagnosed with cancer, and submits himself to the traditional and conventional method of treatment, which includes injecting the poison called chemotherapy into the body, cutting of parts of the body or even blasting it with ionizing radiation. Sometimes it is a barbaric combination of all three.

Some people might be hurt when they face a question such as this one, especially those who suffered a great loss of a loved one who struggled with cancer, but does any of these methods actually work? The frightening answer in most of the cases is no.

Chemotherapy Will Kill You

Though this is still science, a less known one, but despite what the medical industry claims, in particular, the chemotherapy is not an effective cancer treatment.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, who is a former professor of physics and physiology at the University of California, has been studying the lifespans of many cancer patients for the last 25 years and he came to the same conclusion that, despite everything, the cancer treatment does not work. He was a witness to a lot of cancer patients who were treated like this and who had horrible deaths, and many of them met their destiny long before the patients who did not undergo any cancer treatment at all.

After deciding to investigate a bit further into this subject, this doctor found out that those patients who underwent chemotherapy were actually those who died more quickly. Upon finding this out, there were plenty of efforts to reveal this to the public, but unfortunately, none of them worked.

The difference was astonishing! The people who did not accept the conventional treatment lived an average of 12 and a half years, and those who went through chemotherapy lived an average of three years.

Breast cancer patients that rejected the conventional method of chemotherapy lived four years longer than those who followed the system

Yes, this is true! Refusing to undergo chemotherapy results in you living longer! This is something you will never hear about in the media, because the mainstream media continues to persuade people that injecting poison in their blood will make them feel better and get rid of cancer.

The study that Dr. Jones made also showed that the same concern is present with the breast cancer patients too. The women who refused to treat themselves with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery and remained untreated, lived a lot more, four times longer to be exact, than those who went under the knife or agreed to be poisoned with a lot of chemicals.

In a more recent study that took place in 2004, it was admitted that only 2 percent of all cancer patients have found the chemotherapy effective. This was based on the standard five year survival rate criteria, which is technically not an indicative of a cure, even though the health authorities often claim the exact opposite.

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In the year of 1979, a published separate study showed that plenty of the most common procedures for diagnosing and treating the breast cancer (a lot of which are still used today), have done absolutely nothing to lower the rate of breast cancer rates or increase the survival rate with breast cancer patients. Two other studies, one from Israel in the year of 1978 and another one from the UK in the year of 1980 showed the similar findings.

In the past ten years, the overall survival rate of the breast cancer patients has not improved, despite the increase of the multiple drug chemotherapy for treatment of the metastasis. This is all explained in the Lancet study, which furthermore says that there has not been any improvement in the survival of the first metastasis, and that the survival rate rom then until now has even been shortened a bit.

If you should develop this horrible disease, go with natural treatments

There are a lot of natural solutions with which you can fight against cancer, and they involve a lot more than just sitting around and doing nothing – and this is clearly a better option than the conventional method. Check out the sites and for more information on how to begin or proceed your natural cancer treatment.