How many times have you heard of an actual story that freaked you out? But you had to know that it is a true story and you looked it up online. And there it was, staring you in the face – the truth.

Even though some of the most gruesome stories we have ever heard (and like to believe are not true), have actually happened, there is usually not a probable cause for them all. Well, not for the story we’re about to tell you today.

Caused Him Cancer

Caused Him Cancer

This is a story of a man, who was 40 years old, and was diagnosed with cancer in his eyes. But why, and how is this even possible? The answer to that question is very simple – it is all because of our mobile phones.

There are plenty of scientific studies that have shown how the green light that comes from the screen of our mobile phones can cause the death of a lot of retina cells in humans, and it will ultimately affect our vision in an irreversible way.

When we use our mobile phones in dark rooms, the light from the screen does shine directly into our eyes, later on provoking loss of vision and cancer in the eye.

Because the man wanted to stay anonymous, we will just share his story, and will exclude his name. When he could not see properly, this man visited his doctor and asked for a consult or at least for an advice on what to do. because of some serious injuries, the albumen of his eye had become very red.

What he did to cause that is using his mobile phone in a complete darkness, for thirty minutes before he went to sleep, over a longer period of time. This is what led to damaging his eyes and resulted in visual shortcomings, and eventually signs of cancer.

Unfortunately, the doctors could not do anything in this case because one of the most difficult procedures there are is the replacement of the retina. This is why we strongly recommend to you that you avoid using your mobile phone in the dark, before you go to sleep, because your eye sight is more important that you might think!

Protect your overall health and preserve your excellent eye sight!