There were a lot of unhealthy chemicals found in various make up products, especially metals that turned the lipstick into carcinogenic lipstick. Let’s face is, the make up companies make billions of dollars each year from their products.

And even if you are one of those people who exercise caution and stay away from all toxins which may come near you, there is still a big chance that you can find them within your make up.Are you one of those people who check the label on their make up? Probably not.

Carcinogenic Lipstick

Carcinogenic Lipstick

News flash – they are the one labels that you have to check out the most. The United States government, unfortunately, requires no mandatory testing for beauty products before they hit the shelves in the stores.

Shampoos, deodorants, lipstick and plenty of other products which are related to the personal care are usually not tested for any health compliances. Some of these products do not even have their ingredients listed on them.

If you are using the wrong lipstick, you could be intoxicating with some very harmful ingredients. If you put on lipstick every day, several times in a day, there is a very big chance you are also applying a certain amount of lead on your lips.

But remember, you can not just ingest chemicals. You can absorb these chemicals through your skin, and most of it is the make up’s fault.

What are the harmful chemicals that cause a carcinogenic lipstick?

The Environmental Defense group has conducted a study which included about 50 make up items whether they contain toxic metals, and among these testing items you could find four powders, five blushes or bronzers, two eyeliners, four concealers, five foundations, eight lipsticks and glosses, seven mascaras, fourteen eye shadows.

This research has showed dangerous levels of toxins (heavy metals) in every product. Of all the tested products, 96% had ingredients based on lead, 90% had ingredients based on beryllium, 61% had ingredients based on thallium, and 51% of the products contained cadmium and 20% contained arsenic.

These harmful metals cause carcinogenic lipsticks

In average, out of the 8 metals that were tested, most of the products contained four of them, and every single product that was tested contained at least two or four metals that pose the highest risk on your health. These metals are arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. These are the highly toxic ones that pose a big threat on your health.

An FDA report from a couple of years ago reported about 400 different brands of lipsticks that contained amounts of traced lead. This report concluded that the levels of these metals were way too small to pose any threat to the health of any person, but there are some doctors that say the opposite.

Dr Mark Mitchell from the National Medical Association states that the lead can build up in the body over time, and if the particular lipsticks that contain lead are used several times in a day can add up to a lot of lead exposure and to alarming levels of lead in the body.

The original results from the tests showed how 51% of the items contain ingredients based on cadmium, which is an ingredient known for its carcinogenic properties. A lot of studies with breast cancer patients showed high levels of cadmium in their system.

What is even more concerning than this is the fact that not many metals cause problems in the body immediately, but they take more time to pose a serious threat to the overall health. They make the body more prone to any other health problems in the future.

As a result of all this, constant use of it can lead to an increased risk of cancer and a lot of other disorders.If you are interested, you can find the full list of carcinogenic lipsticks and the natural lipsticks online, just look it up.