The dandelion tea has an amazing effect on the cancer cells, dissolving them within a period of only 48 hours, all the while keeping the healthy cells completely intact.Plenty of us, when we were young children, have blown away the seed from this flower in all directions possible.

The very popular dandelion has a Latin name, and it is Taraxacum officinale, and it derives from Europe and Northern Asia. As centuries have passed, this herb was given a lot of different names – milk tooth, bitter herb, regrat, Italian salad, and so much more.

Can Cure Cancer in 48 Hours

Can Cure Cancer in 48 Hours

The dandelion is an inexpensive and an easy to find cure, as well as food, and now it is the ideal time for you to find it, because its season has just started.The amazing dandelion can cure everything, even cancer!

This herb is highly underrated, but it contains plenty of health properties and all you need to do in order to soak in all these properties is to make sure you take it from a field that is far from any pollution.

While our grandmothers have known that the dandelion syrup is filled with health benefits, today, it is known that the root of the dandelion can help you fight and cure cancer. Scientists have discovered that the root from this particular herb can work even better than radiation and chemo do, because it focuses on eliminating only the cancerous cells, leaving all the healthy cells intact.

It also contains diuretic properties, can clean your liver, helps with allergies and lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the body. It contains plenty of important vitamins and minerals such as B6, C, calcium, calium, magnesium, folic acid, thiamin, iron and so on.

The University of Windsor in Canada has made some researches at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the results have given new hope to all the cancer patients. It has been discovered that the dandelion root can effectively kill all the cells which have been infected with the carcinom, without doing any damage to any other station in the body.

According to this research the dandelion affects the cancerous cells, making them dissolve within a period of only 48 hours, and in the same time, no other healthy cell will be infected again. So, it has been concluded that the continuous use the dandelion root can destroy most of the cancerous cells in people who are suffering from any type of cancer, and this is what left the scientists speechless.

This discovery has given them support from every side, morally and financially, in order to further develop this concept.

John di Carlo, a 72 year old man has seen the effects from the dandelion personally, because he had been fighting cancer for about three years. So, he took it as an alternative to drink the dandelion tea and within a period of only four months this man had lived to see how the cancer was fought away from his body.

How to prepare and consume the dandelion tea – now, when you’ve been properly informed about health benefits this tea can offer to you, it is time to learn how to prepare it. One way to prepare it is to take 60 grams of roots and leaves from dandelion and put them in one liter of boiling water, and then leave it like that for a period of 10 minutes. Drink a cup of tea before each meal and you will feel much better and a lot lighter.

The second way to prepare it is to take six dandelion leaves per cup. First, cup the leaves up in thin slices and put them at the bottom of each cup, and then pour some boiled water over them, until the cup is full.

Leave it to sit like that for about 5 to 10 minutes and then strain the tea. Your dandelion tea should be of the color golden or have a honey color.

You can drink it however you like, hot or cold. The dandelion tea has an intensive and bitter taste, and if this does not suit you, you can put some sugar or better yet some tea in it. Drink three cups of this  tea in a day.

You can even make coffee from the roots of the dandelion! Did you know that? Take the roots out in the spring, wash them from all the dirt, chop them up nicely and then roast them.

After that, grind the roasted bits in a coffee grinder. You can prepare it in the same way you prepare coffee in the morning or add a bit from the dandelion powder into your morning coffee, it will work the same either way.

Try this incredible tea today and start living a healthier lifestyle now!