We all know that the marihuana is successfully used in medicine treatment. Her usage starts with one name- Rick Simpson who revealed her successfully treatment against deadliest forms of cancer.

Although medical representatives claim that marijuana is just a harmful drug, the Canadian man Rick Simpson devoted his life and carrier to prove the opposite – marijuana can be used like a medicament to.

Can Cancer Be Cured

Can Cancer Be Cured

Rick Simpson – activist for legalizing medical marijuana, shares to people information about the healing powers of cannabis oil for almost a decade.

He tried this recipe first on himself and then to others after he explained his effect. Then he healed 5000 people with it. Simpson uses cannabis oil and believes that cannabis oil pr hemp can be very helpfully in the battle against cancer.

Also it can treat other diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis, arteriosclerosis. For Simpsons discovery was made a documentary called “Run from the cure”, directed by Christian Laurette.

The film was intended to help people to learn about the story of Rick Simpson. In this documentary the medical benefits of cannabis sativa oil and hashish are presented.Rick is a medicinal engineer and he has being diagnosed skin cancer. Then he used hemp oil to treat it.

He had a few surgeries that were unsuccessful .The doctors told him that there’s nothing they can do. They removed the lesion but it came back after a while.

He didn’t want to give up. Because of that he started to search for other alternative solutions. Then he met one study from the University of Virginia which spoke for the effective impact of the cannabis oil with treating the cancer.

He took a vile of cannabis oil and put it on the lesions. Then he bandaged it and waited. He applied the oil and changed bandages every day.

In the first time he didn’t feel nothing different.  After four days when he removed the bandaged, he noticed a miracle. His skin was regenerated. His wound wasn’t there.

People believed that his cancer will return again after a while, but even after eleven years, cancer didn’t return.After that Rick helped a lot of people. The most interesting story is about his last patient.

He was an 80 years old man. He has a lung cancer but in very late stage. He had open wounds of his legs, distended from chemotherapy. The doctors didn’t give him more than 48 hours of life. Then his son brought him to Rick.

Rick recommended a cannabis oil treatment but his doctor didn’t approve it. Then Rick gave the oil to the young man to help his father. After 30 minutes the old man felt good.

He started breathing normally and through the night completely stabilized.  After three months he was completely cured. Then Rick concluded that there isn’t age limit for cannabis therapy.

After a short time he started growing marijuana. He wanted to make enough oil to help people. Then he faced with the law. He passed 4 police raids. He was also in prison to. But had luck with the judge and the jurors.

They believe in his recipe and goodwill. Also he bring ten patients as witnesses to testify. Rick declared that he never sold weed just hemp oil. Also he said that the recipe can be found on the web page phoenixtears.ca.

He was very disappointed from doctors and the government in Canada.According to Simpson, making hemp oil is very easy procedure. He was worried that on the market there are a lot of fake hemp oil, and they are sold as real.

It’s never too late to starts with Simpson’s therapy. His therapy starts with 60 grams within 90 days. Rick didn’t approve smoking marijuana, but science proved that people that have cancer, with smoking marijuana lives longer that those who don’t.

He counts that the medical industry should help to those who can’t produce marijuana at home. Also interesting is that marijuana was used in medical purposes a hundred years ago.

Especially in Persian religious, in their medicine she was used like a most precious healing herb. And as Rick says that his biggest wish is to see a world without cancer.