Sometimes even the best of drugs can’t help to shake away chronic coughs. Not many people know that this annoying health problem can be healed by an extremely effective and simple homemade remedy made form honey and cabbage leaves.

Keep reading for this ‘’ golden cure’’ for all coughs.



This treatment doesn’t require any age restrictions, so yes, it can be used by both children and adults. To prepare this powerful remedy you will need a single cabbage and some raw honey.

You will have to peel the leaves from the cabbage and put them in a boiling water for a few minutes, just until they become soft.

Rub some honey on the one side of the leaf and place the leaves, honeyed-side down across your chest. Using a nylon wrap secure the leaves and wrap a towel on top of everything.

Perform this procedure before bedtime. If you suffer from severe coughs, wrap two sheets of cabbage- one on the chest and one on your back.

Remove the wrappings in the morning.After removing the wrapping, use a damp cloth to clean your skin or simply wash the place to get rid of any residue.

This remedy can cure bronchitis to, if it is in an early stage. Perform the treatment 5- 7 nights, and you will be amazed by the results.

Best thing is that results will be visible after the first treatment.The only reason why this simple homemade remedy works, is because of the active ingredients in cabbage and honey.

These ingredients together with the heat can eliminate the cough and reduce the inflammatory process responsible for it.You can switch between honey and castor oil during the course of the treatment, and the results will be the same.